Garments Quality SOP [updated]

Garments Quality SOP

Garments quality SOP is the standard operating procedure for quality control in Garments manufacturing. Setting Standard procedure for garments is very much important to get up to the mark of ready-made garments. In a garments quality SOP, a clear description for every working system and requirement to get the best possible result is written. Following SOP, we can do any work in a standard way and know what to do to complete the whole operation. Garments buyer also gives SOP for handling their order. It is the makers responsibility to follow while making their garments.

Every garment factory has its own SOP for every process they are involved with. Basically, a garment quality SOP is the written guidelines of standard procedure to do a particular work for making garments. Time to time standard process may change because garments involve making different garments different times. Actually, a good standard operating procedure increases productivity by reducing system loss or operating losses. In a garments factory, a quality control department is responsible for ensuring the best quality of garments, so they always follow a standard process for monitoring and controlling processes and products.

Garments Quality SOP, Garments Quality Standard Operating Procedure

List of SOP Needed for Garments Quality

Listed SOP hyperlinked with needed SOP, you can read by following the topic.

  1. Fabrics inspection SOP
  2. Shade band procedure
  3. Fabrics process before cutting
  4. Trim and accessories inspection SOP
  5. Garments pattern making SOP
  6. Fabrics relaxation, spreading and cutting procedure SOP
  7. Sewing quality procedure
  8. Garments measurement Control SOP
  9. Needle controlling SOP
  10. Sharp edge controlling SOP
  11. Button pull test SOP
  12. Button pinch setting SOP
  13. Metal detection SOP
  14. Mold prevention SOP
  15. Finishing SOP
  16. Quality control manual or SOP
  17. CAD Room SOP in Garments Industry
  18. Embroidery process SOP in Garments Manufacturing
  19. Finished Garments Warehouse procedure

If you need any SOP for a specific process/ task related to the quality or you want to develop a quality manual or any technical thing of garments manufacturing, please feel free to contact me through sending mail to the following address.

Garments Quality SOP [updated]

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