List of Trims and Accessories with Price

Trims and Accessories are used to make a complete garment. Other than fabric, different trims and accessories are the main parts of cloth. Sewing thread, price tag, size tag, sticker, label are the main trims and accessories. Although the price of these items depends on the quality of the product… Continue reading

Responsibilities of Garments Internal Audit Manager

Responsibilities of Garments Internal Audit Manager The job description of the Audit Manager must contain the following responsibilities if you want to recruit and assign responsibilities of garments internal audit manager. The audit manager and his team play a vital role in ensuring a good internal control system. An effective… Continue reading

Job Description of a Digital Printing Technician

Job Description of a Digital Printing Technician The Digital Printing Technician will be responsible for the digital Dye Sublimation printer and Ink Jet printer. The job description of a digital printing technician includes all the responsibilities mentioned below. This role is basically suitable for the candidates who have digital printing… Continue reading

Finance Manager Job Description [2019]

Finance Manager Job Description The core job responsibility of a finance manager is to manage the funds. Management of funds is not an easy job. As a part of managing funds, you need to deal with both the collection and proper utilization of funds. A finance manager job description must… Continue reading

Complete Training Cost-Benefit Analysis

Complete Training Cost-Benefit Analysis of Workers This article will provide your complete training cost benefit analysis of garment workers. Suppose 5000 workers are working in your factory. You are not able to reach the target productivity level. After critical evaluation of the productivity of every worker, you have identified that… Continue reading

GSM of Fabric: Meaning and Calculation

You will not find anybody who is working in different processing of apparel manufacturing but didn’t have any idea about GSM. Simply, GSM is the unit for the weighing of fabric. Actually not only fabric but GSM is also used specifying the weight of paper, lather or any sheet-like materials.… Continue reading