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I have completed my MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from the Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU) with a dual major in Finance and Marketing. I also completed my graduation major in Finance. Currently, I am working as a Financial Analyst for a group of companies. Over the years I have acquired knowledge about financing, economics, management, and marketing. To explore my own knowledge I basically write about different issues related to finance, economics and also textile. The writing objective of mine is to let things precise and clear to the readers that’s why I used to write in an easy language.

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Sheikh Nurja

B.Sc. Engineer of Textile

I am Sheikh Nurja. I have completed my B.Sc engineering in textile (Major in Apparel Manufacturing). Now I am working as a merchandiser in a buying house. I was involved with factory merchandising job also. I am involved with this website because I want to share my knowledge and experience with students, engineers or any other people working in the textile industry or wanted to work in this sector.

A.M. Amirul Islam (Washim)

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Mr. Amirul Islam Washim is one of the leading writers and valuable contributor of ORDNUR TEXTILE AND FINANCE


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  3. Md. Khairul Islam

    I am a Diploma in Textile Engineer. I want to merchandiser job. please help me.

  4. MK Islam ..merchandiser job is a little hard to get …its required a knowledgeable person to work. so first take a job make you expert and perfect for that position.. i hope you would get your goal one day . all the best

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