Trims and Accessories Inspection in Apparel

Quality of Trims and Accessories quality is very important for garments because of its added value with the final product. Trims and Accessories Inspection in apparel is required to ensure the use of right quality trims and accessories for getting quality garments, although Trims and Accessories are supplied by the third party/buyer nominated supplier. Basically, garments maker check trims quality after receiving. If there is any quality issue, then they can claim for compensation within a certain date of Trims and Accessories in-house. If GMTS maker fails to identify defects in their inspection process, then they must have to carry liability. So Trims and accessories quality plays a vital role in the apparel industry.

Trims and Accessories Inspection in Apparel Industry

Trims and Accessories Inspection in Apparel

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 Most Important Items for Inspection of Trims and Accessories

  • There must have a standard Trim card which is to be approved with signature & date by the factory or buying house Merchandiser.
  • Buyer style wise PDM must present to match label/ticketing requirement and sticker.
  • And there should have Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) Chart to follow AQL.

Trims and Accessories Inspection Procedure in Apparel Industry

For inspecting trims and accessories, following standard procedure will be followed:

  • Trims and Accessories Quality Control (QC) will check trims after in-housed by using AQL 1.5 of every lot.
  • If this particular lot fails as per AQL, QC will check 50% Trims of whole lot.
  • If QC finds more defective Trims from out of 50% check, QC will check 100% Trims (whole lot).
  • After completing the check, QC will claim supplier via merchandising
  • A claim must be done within 7 days after in-house in factory.

AQL Chart of Trims and Accessories Inspection in Apparel Industry

Trims and Accessories Quality Defect Criteria to Identify During Inspection

  • Print Mistake
  • Color Problem
  • Code Mistake
  • Fitness Problem
  • Print Spot
  • Measurement Problem
  • Size Mistake
  • Gum Nil
  • Running Color
  • PO Mistake
  • Style Mistake
  • Letter Mistake
  • Spot
  • Broken
  • Logo Mistake

Explanation of Trims and Accessories Defects

  1. Print Mistake: Any problem showing for incorrect printing. Example: color bleeding
  2. Color Problem: Used different color/shade, not match with approved trims color
  3. Code Mistake: Barcode or any types of code mistake
  4. Fitness Problem: Not found as per ordered length and width.
  5. Print Spot: Any spot only for printing
  6. Measurement Problem: Any types of measurement do not match with an approved swatch
  7. Size Mistake: When everything okay but mentioned size not correct
  8. Gum nil: If there needed gum but not found in the inspection
  9. Running Color: Different types of color in trims when one color is approved
  10. PO Mistake: When everything is okay but mentioned PO number not correct
  11. Style Mistake: When everything is okay but mentioned style not correct
  12. Letter Mistake: Used capital letter instead of small or small letter instead of capital.
  13. Spot: Any type of spot is to be considered as a defect
  14. Broken: Trims and accessories broken is a critical defect.
  15. Logo Mistake: Any problem in logo design and color.

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