Sewing Quality Control SOP

Sewing Quality Control SOP

Sewing is the key process of the apparel industry. Sewing produces full garments. The cutting section just cut garments as per marker. The finishing section mainly does decorative work, add ticketing items, and ironing. As Garments construct through Sewing; sewing quality control is the most important factor in the Apparel industry. The sewing quality team controls all the necessary quality criteria. There are some rules for controlling the quality of sewing. These standard rules are well known as sewing quality standard operating procedure (SOP). Let see, what are the basic things a sewing quality controlling SOP includes:

Standard Operating Procedure of Sewing Quality Control, Sewing Quality Control SOP

Sewing Quality Controlling Standard Operating Procedure

Here is the standard operating procedure of sewing quality control

  1. Quality inspectors check the sample and trim card of his process at the very beginning of a style. Inspector also checks SPI, thread, label, and First Bundle specially and will have to take over his work from the Quality controller for a new style.
  2. Inspectors know his all measurement of his checkpoint and will have to explain clearly if anybody asks.
  3. No defect allowed passing from QI checkpoint and the defect will be limited in one bundle in any process.
  4. Bundle cut has to maintain as per the cutting report, short and mistake bundle not to pass by QC checkpoint.
  5. Measurement tape hanging on every QI neck
  6. Every in-process report to be updated, to be signed by QC and line supervisor in every hour.
  7. Any process mistake and size mistake body go back to operation making the correction.
  8. Every running style Sample and Trim card showing operation clearly displayed on each line.
  9. Every quality inspector following up machine cleaning before breaking up the factory every day and 100% machine having oil cards.
  10. Washed Garments not allowed to keep the sewing line. If there any GMTS in sewing line, Output QI and Line QC have to handover in finishing.
  11. Every Line QC is responsible for all types of buyer requirements of his line.

You can download a common form of SOP both in Bengali and English

Sewing Quality SOP (English)

Sewing Quality SOP (Bangla)

Sewing Quality Control SOP

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I need SOP for the garment sewing training and sop of qc, supervisor, IE, finishing and packing training and their tracking checklist.
    kindly help.
    Jawahar Das

  2. Dear sir
    Iam a fresher for garment industry iam a student who have completed garment designing in psgr krishnammal college for women’s iam looking for a job of quality control .
    Iam sure that it will easy to train me because iam with lot of interest to learn more in this feeld

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