We started our journey on 12th October 2014 with the motive of sharing information and practical knowledge related to textiles, garments, textile engineering, fashion designing, finance, economic aspects, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The main objective of  ORDNUR is to make things clear and precise so that you can understand things easily and apply them to your workplace.

ORDNUR Founders

Basically, students of textile engineering, fashion designing, finance personnel, corporate financial manager, engineers, merchandisers, and fashion designers will get the benefit.

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  1. Today I very first visit this Site. Its Very Helpful that anyone can revise his knowledge from it.

  2. Really this site is very helpful for RMG sector. Thanks for making the site.

  3. Thank you so much for making this magical website. The knowledge is very useful and practical

  4. Best wishes to ORDNUR! Your attention to details made me understand easily and we plan to try them out at Sew Easy-GSD costing projects.

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