Author: Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

List of Spinning Machines for Yarn Making

Making yarn is not a simple process, it must pass through several steps to develop fiber into yarn. In case of textile engineering process, it’s requires different kinds of machines to produce finished products which is followed by fiber into garments. In textile facilities basically spinning is first stage of making yarn and then yarn[…]

5 Pairs of Shoes that Every Woman or Girl Needs in Her Closet

You may have such an amazing selection you can pick from different options of middle range, high range or whatever price you can afford. Pairs of Shoes that Every Woman or Girl Needs Five categories that today I want to share with you. Flats Heels Sneakers Boots and Luxury Shoe 1.    Flats Shoe So when[…]

What to Do with Your Old Denim Shirt Without Sewing?

Denim is a fabric that is everyone’s favorite and never gets out of fashion. From a simple jacket to a pair of pants, denim outfits can let you put your best foot forward, and your fashionista-self can steal all the limelight and turn heads. If styling is done right, your denim outfit can also fall[…]

Easy Tricks to Sew Denim at Home

Denim may appear just as a fabric but for many of us this fabric is more of affiliation. From celebrities to common people around the globe this fabric is one of the most widely used fabric, not recently but since 90s. Retro styling also constitutes Denim and is in trend too. Nowadays, people can be[…]

What you Need to Know About Sustainable Textile

To date, the textile industry is the largest in the world, catering to over 75 million people worldwide. It is imperative to the livelihoods of all these people who work in it. However, as climate change becomes prominent, consumer awareness has increased – they are on the look-out for eco-friendly and sustainable textiles. Here Is[…]

Textile Manufacturers: Top 10 Global Players

The world’s driving and progressively thriving industry is presently running very quickly as it achieves the prerequisites across the globe. Truly, here we are discussing a textile industry that comprises of the world’s top textile manufacturing organizations from various corners of the world that offer top notch textile items. Textile manufacturers incorporate incalculable segments as[…]

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