Easy Tricks to Sew Denim at Home

Denim may appear just as a fabric but for many of us this fabric is more of affiliation. From celebrities to common people around the globe this fabric is one of the most widely used fabric, not recently but since 90s. Retro styling also constitutes Denim and is in trend too. Nowadays, people can be[…]

An Overview of Textile Machines Used for Textile Manufacturing

In the period of 1760s to sometime between 1820 to 1840 Industrial revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes. This transition brings changes like hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing, and iron production were introduced. Factory systems begin to rise because new machine tools were developed. The textile industry was the main[…]

10 Comfy Lounge Outfits to WFH in Style

If anyone thought that fashion would stop while the whole world was put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic, they were mistaken! A quick Instagram check shows everyone getting dressed as per usual, though style has definitely changed over the last few months. Without a reason to wear more formal clothes, comfortable loungewear outfits are[…]

When You are Pregnant, Your Wardrobe Needs These Maternity Items

It’s no secret your body goes through quite a few changes during pregnancy. Along with affecting the way you feel, those changes will affect your body’s shape for a few months. Your wardrobe may need to change accordingly. Pregnant Wardrobe Needs Maternity Items The following are a few maternity-friendly items you should consider purchasing if[…]

Industrial Engineering (IE) in Apparel Industry

The idea of industrial engineering is to plan, design, install, and adapt to an integrated system of men, machine and materials for the purpose of maximizing operational efficiency. It is not only concerned with the development of an integrated system but also continuous improvement of that system. In this article, I will share the importance[…]

Which Fabric Is Best TopShop in Summer? Tips for Women

Summer is here! Learn all about the best materials or fabrics to wear this summer season. In some regions, summers are short-lived, whereas, in many regions, it lasts for about 4-6 months. In such cases, it becomes quite tricky for mothers who prefer modest dressing for teenagers. We will share details of Which Fabric Is[…]

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