Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments

Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments

Garments quality depends on controlling defects created in different parts of garments manufacturing. Because of the complex manufacturing system in the apparel industry, defects are generated. So it’s a very big deal to control the quality of the apparel industry. Though Trims & accessories, and fabrics supplied by the third party, its responsibility of garments maker to check and ensure the quality of all raw materials they are using. The quality inspection system is available for all incoming raw materials which are provided by the third-party supplier. In this article, you will know about section-wise all defects list of the apparel industry that is Cutting, Sewing, Washing, and Finishing Defects in Garments.

Defects List of the Apparel Industry

Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments

Garments Defects Inspection Areas for Quality control in the Apparel Industry

  1. Trims and Accessories Quality Inspection
  2. Fabrics Inspection
  3. Cutting and Spreading Quality checking
  4. Sewing Quality Inspection
  5. Washing defects
  6. Finishing Quality inspection

Garments Defects Inspection

List of Defects Found in Section Wise Garments Quality Inspection

Controlling defects is the key factor for garments quality control. As mentioned in this article, these 6 areas have quality checkpoints to find out all types of defects found in the apparel industry. Cutting, sewing, washing, and finishing all section have specific defect which effect on whole garments quality. Here I am giving a list of every section-wise defects to understand easily.

List of Trims and Accessories Defects

  1. Print Problem
  2. Color Problem
  3. Code Mistake
  4. Fitness Problem
  5. Print Spot
  6. Measurement Problem
  7. Size Mistake
  8. Print Mistake
  9. Color Verify
  10. Gum nil
  11. Running Color
  12. PO Mistake
  13. Style Mistake
  14. Latter Mistake
  15. Cutting Problem
  16. Spot
  17. Broken
  18. Logo Mistake

List of Fabrics Defect Found in Quality Inspection

  1. Hole
  2. Slab
  3. Knot
  4. Others
  5. Spot
  6. Line mark
  7. Big Thread
  8. Miss Yarn
  9. Color Yarn
  10. Stop Mark
  11. Color Out
  12. Thick Yarn
  13. Running Shade
  14. Fabric Skew
  15. Stain
  16. Fabric Hand feel
  17. Fabric Way
  18. Uneven Dye
  19. Uneven Print
  20. Running shade
  21. Selvage shade

List of Cutting and Spreading Defects Found in Quality Inspection

  1. Miss cut
  2. Running shade
  3. Matching plies
  4. Number &bundling
  5. Bowing
  6. Notch mark
  7. Narrow goods
  8. Rugged cut
  9. Fabric way
  10. Measurement
  11. Leaning
  12. Tension Loose
  13. Bias
  14. Alignment
  15. Skew

Spreading Defects of Garments

List of Sewing Defects found in the Quality Inspection

  1. Uncut thread
  2. Raw edge out
  3. Uneven lob
  4. Uneven topstitch
  5. Down stitch
  6. Puckering
  7. Overstitch
  8. Broken stitch
  9. Loop slanted
  10. Short stitch
  11. Skip stitch
  12. Open stitch
  13. Up-Down position
  14. Rejected
  15. Visible joint
  16. label displace
  17. Wrong embroidery
  18. Checkup down
  19. Mouth Close Up Down
  20. Untrimmed Thread

List of Washing Defects Found in Washed Garments

 We have separate details article to you may follow:

Garments washing defects List

List of Finishing Defects Found in Quality Inspection

  1. Uncut thread
  2. Iron problem
  3. Broken stitch
  4. Button alter
  5. Skip stitch
  6. Bartack Defect
  7. Oil / Dirty
  8. shading
  9. Runoff stitch
  10. Process mistake
  11. Raw edge out
  12. Fabric faults
  13. Sewing reject
  14. Size mistake
  15. Checkup down
  16. Oil Strain/Dirty Stain
  17. Damage
  18. Needle Mark/Cut
  19. OverStitch
  20. Stone in garments
  21. Shading

Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments .pdf

Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments

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