Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

Maintenance is the routine job for keeping sewing machine fit for garments manufacturing. Every factory assigns maintenance team to ensure the proper functioning of a sewing machine. Sewing Machine maintenance team make Schedule and take preventive action. Proper maintenance of the sewing machine will ensure long-lasting service. For this reason, the sewing cost per unit will be less. This is the reason importance is given for sewing machine maintenance in garments.

Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

Objectives of Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

  1. To get good quality product/garments
  2. Reduce sewing machine downtime
  3. Ensure long-lasting of sewing machine
  4. To save time
  5. Increase productivity of garments
  6. Stop unwanted machine breakdown

List of Work for Preventive Sewing Machine Maintenance

Here, I have listed 15 prevented work need to do schedule basis for decreasing the frequency of sewing machine maintenance

  1. The machine should clean every day before factory breaking up
  2. Needle thread, bobbin thread, or looper thread should be threaded correctly and their tension should adjust properly.
  3. Essential parts of the machine should be lubricated or oiled regularly.
  4. Using correct needle numbers by pre-experiment with fabric before bulk production and needle adjustment should be correct.
  5. SPI, stitch tension should be correct
  6. The machine should be covered and needleless when idle
  7. The machine should be handled according to instructions provided by the suppliers
  8. The handwheel should always be rotated towards the operator
  9. Electrical and compressed air supply of sewing machine should be safe
  10. During fabric feed and with a drawl, the needle should be picked at the topmost position and the pressure foot is lifted.
  11. Bobbin thread should be wound, in uniform tension
  12. The 1/5th portion of bobbin should always remain empty after winding thread
  13. Switching to stop the machine and start machine should be proper
  14. Keeping a schedule of every work and report actual vs schedule
  15. Follow maintenance checklist and work routine wise

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for a person who works with a sewing machine and who is responsible for the maintenance of the sewing machine.

Sewing machine maintenance in Garments pdf

Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

One thought on “Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

  1. Thank you for this post. I was taught to clean my machine after every project and generally change my needle at the same time. I am amazed how much lint gets under there! I do have a question. I had my machine cleaned about a year ago. It was sewing perfectly with the tension set at 4.2 per the manufacturer’s instructions until about a month ago. I had to reduce the tension to around 2.5 to get the correct stitches. I wonder if some bit of thread is caught somewhere making my tension off? While I sew a lot, I have a full-time job (just to give you an idea). Would you suggest just plugging along since it’s working or having it professionally cleaned again?

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