FlowChart of Garments Finishing Process

FlowChart of Garments Finishing Process

Flowchart of Garments Finishing Process followed by the steps of finishing input => sorting (Style, color & size wise) => thread cutting => ironing => quality inspection => insert button and other accessories => measurement check => hang tag => billboard (product code) => folding => packing => final inspection and finally => shipment of garments.

In garments, it is required to go through several processes for producing garment products. There are three main processes involve in garments. These are cutting, sewing, and finally finishing. But among these three finishing is very important in the apparel/garments sector. Although these processes are simple enough to do careful monitoring and quality control are ensured because the quality is the first and most important priority in garments sectors.

flow chart of garments finishing process
Flow Chart of Garments Finishing Process

This type of process is one of the commonly used ways in most of the garments but this may vary company to company in accordance with their objectives. Inspection is done every single process to ensure the quality of the garments.

FlowChart of Garments Finishing Process

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