Quality Control of Garments Cutting Section

Quality Control of Garments Cutting Section

Quality control of garments cutting section plays a vital role in garments because right measured cutting is required to get the right shape of garments product. Cutting is the first working department of garments production.  Before making a cloth you have to cut off individual parts as per approved pattern, whereas proper measurement must be ensured so that all cutting parts are 100% accurate.

quality control of garments cutting section

Parts of Quality Control Cutting Section

Quality control of cutting section mainly divided into four parts. Those are:

  1. Marker Inspection
  2. Spreading Control
  3. Cutting Quality control
  4. Piece Goods Inspection

In Marker Inspection following things are inspected

  1. Marker Length
  2. Marker width
  3. Lay quantity
  4. Style/Lot
  5. Ratio
  6. The measure of all individual parts marked in marker

Following work in Spreading Quality control

  1. Cut numbers
  2. Ends
  3. Leaning
  4. Tension
  5. Narrow Goods
  6. Remnants
  7. Counts
  8. Ply Height
  9. Fabric Fault

Cutting Quality Control

  1. Number of parts
  2. Miss cut
  3. Ragged cutting
  4. Notches
  5. Matching plies

piece goods inspection

Piece Goods Inspection

  1. Quantity
  2. End out
  3. Knot
  4. Spot
  5. Hole
  6. Thick yarn
  7. Missing yarn
  8. Shading
  9. Slab

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