Job Responsibilities of Garments Buyer QC

Job Responsibilities of Garments Buyer QC

Buying House QC: A buyer QC is a buying house quality controlling representative, an employee of the buyer, works to ship the buyer’s required product quality. Here the QC indicates Quality Control. Buying House assigns QC for factory final inspection, all other quality audits, and maintaining own quality procedure. Buyer QC is highly respected with good hospitality in every apparel industry. Lots of people’s dream job is to be buying house quality inspector, especially for the people who are working in the different quality control departments. Buyer QC is the ultimate authorization from person garments buyer to pass the final inspection of finished goods. I made a list of buyer QC Job descriptions in the Apparel industry; hopefully, this article will help you to clear your concept about the Job Responsibilities of Garments Buyer QC. A QC manager leads all QC of his team in a buying house.

Job Responsibilities of Garments Buyer QC Quality Control

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The Job Description of Garments Buyer QC

  1. Accomplish the QC cycle of a factory by controlling samples; follow up materials production in-house status, control materials in-house testing, organize PP meetings, cutting permission, inspection, reporting & record keeping.
  2. Provide training and education to the quality & production personnel, maintain the needed quality requirements throughout the production processes strictly following the buyer specifications.
  3. Checking cutting, sewing, and finishing in-process quality control and report to the management.
  4. Understand and follow the quality SOP in each step of the process, Implement buyer’s every work manual & follow the quality standard to the production factory.
  5. Conduct In-line Audit, an in-process audit in sewing, finishing, and packing.
  6. Monitor the whole quality process of the assigned factory.
  7. Final inspection and confirm the quality of the end product.
  8. Train up and lead the factory GPQ team directly.
  9. Ultimate responsible person for factory quality controlling the process from buyer end.
  10. Highlight quality report to vendor management and his own top management about any type of quality issue.
  11. Send final inspection report to buying-house, reporting boss, send a report to factory and buyer top management in critical quality and inspection issue.

Basic Qualification of a Buying House QC

  1. Minimum 7-10 years’ experience (vary buying-house to Buying House) in the apparel manufacturing industry
  2. Understand fabrics, wash, shade, garments measurement, and AQL system
  3. Knowledge of Quality control/Audit, QMS, TQM, QC tools, 5S
  4. Good communication skills; both written and verbal, decision making, problem-solving, good analytical skills, statistical chart, and reporting skill.

Job Description of Buyer Quality Control pdf

Job Responsibilities of Garments Buyer QC

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