Top Garment Buyers of Bangladesh

List of Top Garment Buyers of Bangladesh

Now Bangladesh is one of the largest RMG exporters serving in the world. In recent times, Bangladesh is developing its apparel sector. Top garment buyers of Bangladesh; RMG (Ready Made Garments) buyers of Bangladesh are mainly from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, France, and from the entire European continent and many other countries. Bangladesh’s apparel industry is growing so rapidly because of a lower cost of production as the cost of labor is cheap here and with the capacity to produce quality goods. We have acquired the expertise to produce according to the buyer’s demand around the world that’s why our market demand is increasing day by day. Because of easier communication system buyers from the European countries contact with garment product sellers and they get a quick response as we have higher interest to serve the buyers according to their demand.

Top Garment Buyers of Bangladesh

I have tried to make a list of top garment buyers of Bangladesh so that you can get the idea of who are the main buyers of garments. This article will be helpful for the merchandisers or any other person who is interested to engage in garments export. If you are a merchandiser of the local or multinational company located in Bangladesh then this will definitely help you to get the buyer’s name and contact them. So that you can increase your customer’s basket which will ultimately help your company to increase its total export earnings.

Here is the list of top Garments buyers of Bangladesh from around the world

  1. H&M
  2. Wal-Mart
  3. Li & Fung
  4. Adidas
  5. Levis
  6. VF Asia
  7. Nike
  8. GAP
  9. Tesco
  10. C&A
  11. Target
  12. ASDA
  13. .Next
  14. Zara
  15. Old Navy
  16. PVH
  17. S. Oliver
  18. Puma
  19. K-mart
  20. M&S
  21. BHS
  22. Mother care
  23. Wool-worth
  24. Otto
  25. American Eagle
  26. US polo
  27. Tom Tailor
  28. European Eagle
  29. IC Company
  30. New look
  31. Banana
  32. Tema
  33. Terco
  34. Tally
  35. Peri Ellis
  36. Hugo Boss
  37. Esprit
  38. Fashion link
  39. Reebok
  40. Armani
  41. First textile
  42. G-star
  43. NKD
  44. Decathlon
  45. Carretow
  46. Carrefour
  47. Laredoute
  48. Lindex
  49. Vertbaudet
  50. Uniquelo
  51. Best Seller
  52. Promod
  53. Black Berry
  54. Tom Tailor
  55. New look
  56. Ramond
  57. Up-2-date
  58. Damart
  59. ITC
  60. Mahindra
  61. P. P.-Tex
  62. F.G
  63. Umbro
  64. Asmara
  65. Ed Ward wang
  66. Esprit
  67. Erima
  68. Spider
  69. Greenville
  70. MB Fashion
  71. Maskos
  72. Gastrok
  73. Maxim
  74. OBS
  75. Texco
  76. Multiline
  77. DR & S
  78. Katag
  79. Colince
  80. Octagon
  81. Cream Soda
  82. Trig Lobe
  83. Shobi Fashion
  84. Kiabi
  85. Brice
  86. Sumi Tomo
  87. Algodon
  88. Zaogora
  89. Vood Bridge
  90. Air Solution
  91. Evrozon
  92. Ginkana
  93. Lion star
  94. TKI
  95. Ulla Popken
  96. New Yorker
  97. Terma tex
  98. Mister & Lady
  99. BTX
  100. Q. Solution
  101. Jules
  102. Delta plus
  103. EWM
  104. Hema
  105. Neck & Neck
  106. Momo prix
  107. YSL
  108. Carrera
  109. Giordano
  110. Quick Silver
  111. Inter sport
  112. Etam
  113. Shobey
  114. Women secret
  115. B. Young
  116. Matteo
  117. Liugo
  118. Pierre Cardin
  119. Francesca
  120. Mustang
  121. Silvian Heach
  122. Spring Field
  123. Gor Factory
  124. Sains Burry
  125. P&C
  126. Mexx
  127. KHOL’S
  128. JCP
  129. CK
  130. 3 Suisse’s
  131. South Pole
  132. V&D
  133. Guess
  134. Jack & Jones
  135. Mango (Turnkey)
  136. River Island
  137. Wallis
  138. Topshop
  139. Matalan
  140. Primark
  141. Debenhams
  142. Helly Hansen
  143. John Lewis
  144. Dunnes Store
  145. Heaton”s
  146. Securex
  147. Jacadi
  148. Kitaro
  149. Car Erra
  150. Catch Catch
  151. Sears
  152. Hot Source
  153. Beniton

If you know other than these buyers name then please let us know through your valuable comment. We are eagerly waiting for your response. Hope this article will enrich your knowledge about who are the top garments buyers of Bangladesh.

Top Garment Buyers of Bangladesh

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  1. All top buyers import both knit & Woven but lots of small buyers import one item woven or knit.I will try to separate them.Thanks for your feedback.

  2. In your blog the content is so exciting and amazing. You have the best knowledge about textiles importers. I am happy to read your best blog.

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  4. i want garments accessorise worder as metal zipper ,vislon and lylon
    others that is all kind of metal button and sewing thread

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