How to Wash Your Bras by Hands – 6 Easy Steps

How to properly wash your bras is a common question for every woman, they also want to know how often bra needs to wash, what type of detergent to use. Although they are washing it regularly but they are looking for; is there any standard way of washing bras.

How to Wash Your Bras

Tips to Wash your bras with hands at home

This article will answer your question on the correct way to wash your bras. If you have an underwire bra, you should read the washing instructions carefully because washing instruction may vary brands to brands, fabric to fabric.

To help prevent damage to your bras you should use cold water only. Do not use hot water which may damage the elastic material of bra. A simple hand wash at home is a great way to go but there are some women who use garments washing machine. Remember that, if you use washing machine then please take a lingerie washing bag and then put your bras on and then put the bag into washing machine. Which will protect your bras from damaging.

Bra Washing Process

The first thing you should do is to find a mild detergent. Do not use strong detergent which may harm the fabric. The second step is to fill a sink with water about two inches. The third step is to add detergent of two tablespoons and mix it well. Then put your bras on the water mixed detergent and wait for a while, so that you can wash it easily. You can use tooth brush or any other soft brush to clean bras.

After washing you need to dray out the water, please do not squeezing it. This may break the bra cups shape. Simply you can use hanger and clips to hang the bras to place it in open air or sun light. After drying you must keep your bra in a separate drawer where you can arrange all your bras easily without any damage.

Hopefully you understand the bra washing process at home with your hands for long lasting comfortable lingerie wearing. If you want to know anything more then please let me know. I will definitely share the details with you.

Bra Washing Process

  1. Take a bucket of warm water
  2. Add washing detergent with water
  3. Soak the bra with mild detergent
  4. Use soft brush to rub the edges of bra
  5. Rinse it with cold water
  6. Dry it by hanging on the hanger

Tips to Wash Your Bras

  • Always hand wash your bra
  •  If you use washing machine, then use lingerie bag to wash your bra.
  • Do not use harsh brush.
  • Avoid Squeezing/twisting the bra cups, this can break the shape.
  • Use clips to hang the bras on hanger to air dry it
  • Store it in your wardrobe but make sure that bras remain freely.
How to Wash Your Bras by Hands – 6 Easy Steps

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