Textile and Garments Abbreviation

Important Textile and Garments Abbreviation

Those people are involved with the textile and garment sector must need to know several things related to this sector, because knowledge makes the works easier to understand. You may find there is a common practice of using the abbreviation in a different situation by the professional when they communicate both in formal and informal communication. So as a student of textile, textile engineers or any other professionals engaged with textile and garments sectors or want to be involved with this sector are required to have an idea of most important textile and garments abbreviation.

textile and garments abbreviation

Here I am trying to share commonly used abbreviation I found in the apparel sector

  • AAMA-American Apparels Manufacturing Association
  • AAQC-American Apparels Quality control
  • AAMC-American Apparel Manufacturing Corporation
  • AQL-Acceptable Quality Level
  • ASQ- American Society for Quality
  • BGMEA-Bangladesh Garments Manufacture’s and Exporter’s Association
  • BKMEA-Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacture’s and Exporter’s Association
  • BTMC-Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation
  • BTMA-Bangladesh Textile Mills Association
  • BJMC-Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
  • BJMA-Bangladesh Jute Mills Association
  • BJEC-Bangladesh Jute Export Corporation
  • BJCP-Bangladesh Jute Cultivation Program
  • BATEXPO-Bangladesh Textile Exposition
  • BOM- Bill of Material
  • BS- Bill of Sale
  • BS- British Standard
  • BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative
  • BL-Bill of Lading
  • CRD-Cargo Receive Date
  • COD-Cash on Delivery
  • CAD-Computer Aided Design
  • CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • CAP-Corrective Action Plan
  • CMT-Cost of Making with Trimmings
  • CM-Cost of Making/Cut and Make
  • CTL- Consumer Testing Laboratories
  • CnF-Cost and Freight
  • CIF-Cost Insurance and Freight
  • CBM-Cubic Meter
  • CBA-Collective Bargaining Agent
  • CF-Cubic Feet
  • CI-Commercial Invoice
  • CFI-Center Front Line
  • CT-Cycle Time
  • CBI-Center Back Line
  • CPSIA- Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • CWO- Cash With Order
  • D65-Artificial Day Light
  • EDT – Estimated Delivery Time
  • EPB-Export Promotion Bureau
  • EMB- Embroidery
  • EPI – Ends Per Inch
  • EPZ-Export Processing Zone
  • ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ETA -Estimated Time of Arrival
  • ETD -Estimated Time of Departure
  • FBCCI- Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  • FIFO- First In First Out
  • FQA-Final Quality Audit
  • FOB-Free on Board/Freight on Board
  • FOA-Free on Air
  • FDI-Foreign Direct Investment
  • FTC-Federal Trade Commission
  • GSP-Generalized System of Preference
  • GAT-General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
  • GDP-Gross Domestic product
  • GM-General Manager
  • GNP-Gross National Product
  • GMT-Garments
  • GW- Gross Weight
  • ICB- Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
  • ICC- International Chamber of Commerce
  • ILO-International Labor Organization
  • IPC- In-Process Check
  • IE-Industrial engineering
  • IMS-Industrial Management System/Service
  • ISO-International Organization for Standardization
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicator
  • L/C-Letter of Credit
  • LCA- Letter of Credit Authorization
  • LDC-Least Developed Country
  • LIFO- Last In First Out
  • MIS- Management Information System
  • MMT-Measurement
  • MP- Man Power
  • MTD- Month to Date
  • NPT-Non Productive Time
  • NSA-No Seam Allowance
  • NGC-New Generation Computing
  • OQL – Outgoing Quality Level
  • OZ- Ounces
  • P/C – Polyester + Cotton
  • PI – Proforma Invoice
  • PP-Pre Production
  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
  • PPI – Picks Per Inch
  • PO-Production Order/Purchase Order
  • PSI- Pre-shipment Inspection
  • PM-Production Manager
  • PS-Production Sample
  • PDM-Production Development Manual
  • QA-Quality Assurance
  • QC-Quality Control
  • QIP- Quality Improvement Plan
  • QMS- Quality Management System
  • RMG-Ready Made Garments
  • RFT-Right First Time
  • RFD – Ready for Dyeing
  • RSL- Restricted Substances List
  • SQL-Submitted Quality Level
  • SMV-Standard Minute Value
  • SAM-Standard Allowed Minute
  • SKU- Stock Keeping Unit
  • SOP-Standard Operating Procedure
  • SPI- Stitch Per Inch
  • SRL- Sensory and Consumer Research
  • TAP-Total Acceptable Product
  • T/C – Tetron + Cotton
  • TNA- Time and Action Plan
  • TRL- Technology Readiness Level
  • TQM – Total Quality Management
  • UPC-Universal Product Code
  • VPR-Vendor performance Record
  • WTO-World Trade Organization
  • WH-Working Hour
  • WAS-Weekly Audit Schedule
  • XL- Extra Large
  • YTD- Year to Date
  • YY- Yielder Per Yard

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