Types of Bras for Gorgeous Look [Select Right One]

A Bra is the core lingerie item specially designed and made for women. It is an integral part of women’s not only for fashion and comfort but also for presenting a better outlook of the figure. In this article, you will know about different types of bra for women.

Different Types of Bra

Common Types of Bra for Women

You can choose your bras based on your body shape and wearing preference. Many popular brands making and distributing bras for women. You can choose among the available brands. Based on the style we have found different types of bras are preferable by women.

28 Different Types of Bra for Women

Details of Different Types of Bra

Padded Bra

Padded bra adds volume to your breasts additionally it also prevents nipples show under a tightly fitted outfit. Soft pad is added inside the bra cup which helps to give a better look of breast size.

padded bra for Women

T-shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra or seamless t-shirt bras is designed in a way that will not visible any seam out of the t-shirt. This will give you comfort and a better look with your t-shirt and it is teenagers preferable bras.

seamless t-shirt bra for women

Push-up Bra

Women with heavy bust prefer to wear push up Bra which helps to balance their boobs by pushing from the lower part.

Push-up Bra for Women

Sports Bra

This type of bra is preferable for all girls who visit a gym or any health activity, especially those are involved with sports and need to run a long period of time. This type of bra ensures a tight fit and reduce the bounce of boos.

Sports Bra for Women

Strapless Bra

You need one strapless bra wear when you are supporting your stylish aperture in an off-shoulder or netted outfit.

Strapless Bra for Women

Convertible Bra

The most advantageous feature of a convertible bra is it can be strapped crisscross easily to ensure a better outlook of your outfit. According to your preference, you can change the straps from one side to the other side through crisscross.

Convertible Bra for Women

Bandeau Bra

A simple band or a strip style bra that is closely fitted to your breast doesn’t have strap cups or fastening elements that make you feel uncomfortable.

Bandeau Bra for Women

Balconette Bra

This delicate style gives a rounded appearance with wide straps and cups that forms a horizontal neckline and hence it is recommended for girls with wide neck.

Balconette Bra for Women

Bralette Bra

For your casual look Bralette style is the ideal match it is very fancy and can be slipped easily you can wear it under chiffon or georgette top.

Bralette Bra for Women

Minimizer Bra

Minimizer bras are preferable for the woman who has a large breast to minimize the exposable size of bras and ensure better fitting of cloth.

Minimizer Bra for Women

Stick-on Bra

Stick-on Bra is specially designed for the teenagers who want to wear a strapless bra just to give a good shape to their tiny breasts. Many girls wear this type of bra while goes for a party.

Stick-on Bra for Women

Plunge Bra

The cup of plunge bra is designed especially for the heavy breast which supports properly to ensure the better look of large figures.

Plunge Bra for Women

Maternity Bra

These bras are specially designed for moms with molded soft and supporting cups while breastfeeding. You can easily the front part for breastfeeding your child.

Maternity Bra for Women

Longline Bra

A Bra is known as longline bra because it is long enough to reach up to waist or hips.

Longline Bra for Women

Caged Bra

The crisscross strap style is now trendy and this style can be picked for any low-cut party wear outfit.

Caged Bra

Bridal Bra

It is above the style and the coverage that will look best on the bride wearing a Western outfit for the day.

Bridal Bra for Women

Belly Dance Bra

This is a stone-studded bra with other glittery objects you can also try this if you go for any fancy dress competition.

Belly Dance Bra

Built-in Bra

This is ideal to team up a tube tops tank tops and swimsuits. The dress itself has a bra attached inside which will give you a gorgeous look at your figure.

Built-in Bra for Women

Cup-less Bra

This is a stylish lingerie ideal for those ladies with minimal breasts it is mostly worn under night suit.

Cup Less Bra for Women

Racerback Bra

In these types of bras, the shoulder straps form a V-shape and close to your neck.

Racerback Bra for Women

Front Closure Bra

The hooks are on the front side rather than the backside of the bra.

Front Closure Bra for Women

Sheer Bra

This is usually made up of lace knit or satin this is a good choice for the regular use as it has a classy appealing feature.

Sheer Bra for Women

Peephole Bra

The bra has a hole in both the cups from where the breast is partially visible you should try this one if you are going for the honeymoon.

Peephole Bra for Women

Backless Bra

Backless bras are preferable for those who want to wear a dress which is low cut in the backside.

Backless Bra for Women

Halter Bra

Instead of buying strapless or transparent strap you can consider the halter bra to wear under your halter neck dresses.

Halter Bra for Women

Triangle Bra

Triangle Bra is preferable by the teenager who used to visit the beach and take a sunbath for swimming into the sea.

Triangle Bra for Women

Vintage Bra

Vintage is a traditional dress preferable for any age woman. Teenagers choose these bras when they go to a party. This bra ensures an amazing fitting which is suitable for a party dress.

Vintage Bra for Women

Seamless Bra

If you want to hide the seam of any traditional bras then this type of bra is made for you. This bra does not have any seam which can be visible through your tops.

Seamless Bra for Women
Types of Bras for Gorgeous Look [Select Right One]

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