25 Different Types of Pajamas

Pajama history is not new. There were different types of pajamas at that time. From the 18th and 19th centuries, people have been wearing pajamas. At that time, it was known as ‘lounging attire’ and ‘mogul’s breeches. However, pajama fashion became a sleeping attire for men from the Victorian Period.

Pajamas or shortened form PJs or Jammies is a kind of clothing. Pajamas are soft, loose garments. They are worn for working at home, sleeping, and for relaxing. Both men and women of any age can wear this. Though they are originated from South Asia, it is popular worldwide especially in western. People from South Africa and South Asia sometimes called it ‘night suit’.

Different Types of Pajamas

There are different types of pajamas/types of pyjamas, popular among different types of countries. Like, printed pajamas, cuffed pajamas, checked pajamas, robes pajamas, and more. There are also varieties in pajamas based on the fabric used. Like, cotton pajamas, satin pajamas, fleece pajamas, flannel pajamas, silk pajamas, polyester pajamas, and more.

25 Different Types of Pajamas

Difference Between Pajama and Sweatpants?

Pajamas and sweatpants have some basic differences. Like, pajamas are mainly worn for sleepwear whereas sweatpants are worn for sportswear. Sweatpants are heavier than pajamas. Pajamas both release heat and retain heat, whereas sweatpants only release heat.

In this article, we will break down the details of different types of pajamas. Keep reading to know more about this.

Cotton pajama

If you ask which is the best soft, comfortable fabric for pajamas, then the answer is cotton. Why cotton is best for pajamas? Because it is soft and breathable. It is a natural fiber that is also affordable to almost all countries. It’s a common fabric that most people or garments choose.

Flannel Pajamas

Flannel pajamas are suited for cold seasons like winter, this give you more warmth than cotton pajamas. It is made from cotton fabric by brushing. This fabric is lightweight, ultra-durable. It is available in various weights. If you are thinking of going camping, then make a flannel pajama for you.

Printed pajamas

Printed pajamas are different from others for their varieties in designs. The price of pajamas may be low or high for different types of print designs. You can even design your pajamas as your desired print designs.

Striped Pajama

Have you seen the movie, ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (2008)? Well, we are not talking about the movie here.

Striped pajamas are another designed pajama here. Both men and women can wear these pajamas. You can also create a set of striped pajamas for your whole family.

Traditional Pajama

If you see one, who is wearing a combo of shirt and a trouser, then that is a traditional pajama look. These types of pajamas are made of soft lightweight fabric like cotton, flannel. There will be a placket in front and no cuffs in the sleeves.

Contemporary Pajamas

These are derived from traditional pajamas. Most of the pajamas we are talking about in this article are contemporary pajamas.

The characteristics of contemporary pajamas are that there are many variations here. While the traditional are worn as a set, contemporary pajamas are worn separately. People normally wear this with t-shirts. Kids are very fond of these contemporary pajamas, like stretch-knit sleep garments with rib knit.

Fire Safety Pajamas

For fire safety regulations, there is a flammable pajama. Normally it is a tight-fitting, cotton-made pajama. And loose-fitting pajamas are for fire retardant. These types of pajamas are made for specific people who work in the fire brigade.

Cuffed pajama

What about a cuff design in your pajamas? Yeah, you can create your own cuffed pajamas from design. To bring a cuff effect, mix viscose fabric with cotton fabric. For extra design, add pockets in your pajamas.

Onesie Pajama

You may have got the idea from the name, ‘onesie’. Yeah, onesies are combined pajamas where both top garments and bottom garments mix into one garment. For its very warm character, it is only suitable for winter. As it is a onesie, sometimes it’s getting hard to change the pajamas very fast.

Though it is not as popular as other pajamas, it is very comfortable to wear.

Plain Pajama

A plain design that gives you simplicity. If you don’t want any designs in your night suits pajamas, then plain pajamas are for you.

Solid Pajama

Are you fond of solid color? Then why not have a solid color pajama? You don’t need to do any kinds of designs. So, you can save your time here. Solid color pajamas are perfect for those people, who want simplicity in their dress.

Short-Sleeve pajama

Short sleeve pajamas are designed pajamas. If you want something comfortable in warm seasons like summer, then choose short sleeve pajamas. You can also create a custom-based pajama for yourself. There are many patterns in google and YouTube for sleeves, short sleeves. See those and make your own customized short sleeve pajamas.

Silk Pajama

If you want a pajama that will be light and look like a luxurious fabric then go for silk pajamas. Silk fabric is so soft. You won’t give such good characteristics in other natural or man-made fibers.

Silk fabric is known as the queen of fabric. Silk fabric is more used for women than men. Mostly for its soft, lightweight characteristics, it is used in women’s lingerie fabric. But there’s one thing. If your budget is low, then don’t go for silk pajamas. As silk fabric is a little bit expensive.

Checked Pajama

Most people like to check designs of their dresses. It looks so differently, unique. Black- white check, red- black check, and many other designs are popular. You can create a one-piece checked pajamas or even a family set checked pajamas.

Polyester Pajama

If you want your pajamas to become shape -retention and have good wrinkle resistance, then buy polyester pajamas. It has high strength and good elastic recovery. Besides, it is durable and firmer than others and you can easily iron it.

When we think of buying fabric or dresses, we find these qualities in them. And you are getting all of these qualities in polyester pajamas.

Set Pajama

This is a set item pajama for you. Like, pajama pairing with shirts, tops, and more. Kids like this type of set item very much. T-shirts with checked pants, shirts with solid pants are popular in set pajamas.

Satin Pajama

In silk pajamas, we were told that silk pajamas are a little expensive. But if you want something like silk fabric, and also your budget is low, then go for satin.

Satin is like a synthetic version of silk. It is a lightweight fabric made from rayon or polyester. It has an extra characteristic that differentiates it from others. That is its drapability. So, if you make satin pajamas, you will get a lightweight, soft, loose-fitting with Satin sleepwear that is popular among pajama lovers.

Capri Pajama

Do you want a side pocket with elastic waist drawstrings in your pajamas? This capri item is popular among both men and women. It is shorter than regular pants. It ends in calf length. You can call it long shorts which is a casual outwear for you.

And don’t mix the crop and capri pajamas together. They are different from one another.

Fleece Pajama

You may have known fleece for jackets and blankets. But fleece fabric can be used for pajama design. In cold weather, fleece fabric gives you its huge warmth. It is so soft, versatile, and durable. Even when it is raining outside, and you want warm pajamas, then go for fleece fabric made pajamas. It won’t disappoint you.

And it is easy to care for fleece fabric. Because, it won’t be wrinkled in the washing machine. You don’t need to iron it. It will remain straight as ironed fabric.

Linen Pajama

If you are confused while buying pajamas, and don’t know what is suitable for you, go for linen pajamas while you are confused about buying pajamas..

Linen fabric has some qualities, which has made it suitable for anyone. It is more comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. The quality of this fabric is so good that can offer longer durability. It has also a versatile quality like, you can wear it in both cold and hot weather. It is warm in the cold season and cool in the hot season. Set your unique style with this linen pajama.

Rayon Pajama

Rayon is best known for pajama fabric. It is so soft, smooth and lightweight. It has both the warmth of wool and the softness of cotton.

Nightgowns Pajamas

Nightgowns are comfortable pajamas. Cotton, silk is used for nightgown fabric. Nightgowns are popular among women for their lightweight, comfortable, loose-fitting characteristics. You may find nightgowns in very ranges as per your need.


Sweats are another type of pajamas for women and men. It is a little more fluffy and heavier than others.

Bamboo viscose Pajama

When you sweat a lot in sleep, and can’t get rid of it, then choose a comfortable fabric. Bamboo viscose pajamas help you here. It is an effective fabric to keep you comfort, cool at night. Bamboo pajamas for women of all ages are available, specially for teenagers.

Jumpsuits Pajama

You may think of jumpsuits as a regular dress. But did you know that jumpsuits can be worn as pajamas? Yes, and why not? It is both fitted and lightweight fabric. It doesn’t need lots of fabric to be made. There are various styles and designs in jumpsuit pajamas.

If you want to wear pajamas, you can try any of these types. You can wear pajamas as a day suit, as a night suit, and as many. They are comfortable to wear in summer, spring, and winter. These are available in most countries. And even if you can’t find your favorite pajamas near you, you can make them yourself.

25 Different Types of Pajamas

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  1. Cotton pajamas are a great choice of clothing when it comes to sleeping. The material is breathable and relaxed, which helps to keep the wearer comfortable during sleep.

    Cotton is also known for its ability to absorb moisture, which helps keep you dry at night. I appreciate you sharing this blog.

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