List of Machinery and Their Functions of Apparel Industry

List of Machinery and Their Functions of Apparel Industry

Various types of machine use in the apparel industry from Warehouse to finishing. In this article, you will get a list of machinery and their functions of apparel industry.  Hopefully, this list of all the machinery of the apparel industry with their uses will help you to understand the different machine functions. This list contains all types of Garments machinery.

 List of Machine Used in Garments Factory

List of Machine Used in Garments Factory

  1. Fabrics inspection machine
  2. Plotter printing machine
  3. Cutting machine
  4. Fusing machine
  5. Embroidery machine
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Thread Trimmer machine
  8. Thread sucking machine
  9. Iron machine
  10. Pull test machine
  11. Metal detector machine
  12. Barcode scanning machine
  13. Heat seal joining the machine
  14. Case label printing machine
  15. Moisture checking machine
  16. Digital Hygrometer
  17. Air compressor machine
  18. Boiler machine
  19. Generator
  20. Water pump

List of Machinery and Their Functions of Apparel Industry

Functions of Machinery Used in Garments

List of Machinery and Their Functions of Apparel Industry
SL Name of Machine Functions of Machine Using department
1 Fabrics inspection machine Use to do fabrics inspection to check fabrics defects Fabrics inspection
2 Plotter printing machine Print Garments marker CAD
3 Cutting machine Cut fabrics as per marker Cutting
4 Fusing machine Fuse interlining Fusing-Sewing
5 Embroidery machine To set Embroidery in garments Embroidery
6 Sewing machine Sew garments Sewing
7 Thread Trimmer machine Thread trimming of garments uncut thread Finishing
8 Thread sucking machine Reduce loose and unnecessary thread from garments. Finishing
9 Iron machine Pressing garments to get good appearances Finishing
10 Pull test machine To determine the pulling strength of any type of button Finishing
11 Metal detector machine o get a metal-free final product in carton Packing and Finishing
12 Barcode scanning machine Scan sticker and ticketing of garments Finishing
13 Heat seal joining machine Set up heat seal label in Garments Finishing
14 Case label printing machine Print case label of garments carton Merchandising-Packing
15 Moisture checking machine Find out moisture percentage of finished garments Packing
16 Digital Hygrometer Determine  RH% for every section All section-specially warehouse
17 Air compressor machine Produce compressed air for machine and maintenance department Utility section
18 Boiler machine Generate hot steam for Iron machine Utility section
19 Generator Produce electricity Utility section
20 Water pump Pick water for factory Utility section

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