How to Measure Fabric Weight of Big Quantity

How to Measure Fabric weight of Big quantity

To know the fabric’s weight

For measuring fabric weight in large quantity we can follow the following way which now I am going to present for you. Wish it will be helpful for you who are related to textile. After reading this article you will have a proper idea of how to measure fabric weight of big quantity.

how to measure fabric weight of big quantity

Huge quantity contained different fabric.

Usually, we measure GSM (Gram per square meter) by GSM cutter.

  • We can get GSM by fabrics construction also. Let’s try to get GSM of the following construction:

(20 × 16/128 × 60) twill.

We know,

GSM = {(EPI/Warp count) + (PPI/ Weft count)} × 25.64
Here ,    EPI = 128
PPI = 60
Warp count = 20
Weft count = 16

So GSM will be = {(128/20) + (60/ 16)} × 25.64

=260 GSM

  • Then you can get GLM (Grams per linear meter) via GSM.
GLM = ( GSM × fabric width)/39.37


GSM = 260
Width = 58
GLM = (260 × 58)/39.37

So 500-meter fabrics total weight = GLM × Fabric quantity.

= (383 × 500 m) (here fabric quantity = 500m)
=191500 grams
=191500/1000 Kg.
=191.5 kg.

So, this is the way how we can measure fabric weight by the known GSM of this fabric. If you have any question related this post never hesitate to ask me.

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