Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh

What is the Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh

Before discussing the Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh let have some idea of global market trends of denim.

Global Market Trend of Denim

Since the commencement, the worldwide market of denim remains evergreen. Centuries ago, denim had a limited usage but with the versatility of its utility now the demand for denim is always sky high in the global market. Irrespective of any market condition, denim gets ready for acceptance to the consumers.

present situation of denim business in bangladesh

The Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh

In 2013, three countries clearly stood out from the mass of jeans suppliers to the European Union: Turkey, Bangladesh, and China. Together they supply two thirds (62%) of jeans imports in terms of value and 69% in terms of pairs of jeans. These three suppliers are followed by Pakistan and Tunisia, then trailed by Morocco and Cambodia fairly far behind.

top denim consumers
Top Denim Consumers

One of the significant differences in 2013 is that China ceded its place as a prime supplier to the European Union, which is still occupied in 2012; it was overtaken not just by Turkey but also by Bangladesh. China, however, remains top-ranked in terms of numbers of pairs, with 142 million pairs of jeans exported to the European Union in 2013 Many other countries, Asian ones, in particular, export jeans to the European Union. Some, like India, is on the wane while other suppliers like Cambodia or Vietnam are advancing rapidly.

top denim consumers
Top Denim Consumers

The Export Market of Denim

Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of denim after China; denim has been playing a significant role in our economic development over the last few years. Usually, denim is used for making stylish clothes for all the seasons. Most of the people of our country are familiar with denim. Usually, Bangladesh exports it to the European countries, including England, Russia, Norway, Italy, Poland, Germany, Romania, and many countries of Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina etc. Apart from USA and EU, the BD denim apparels are also shipped to African countries and Australia.

 In 2013, Bangladesh exported about 74 million pieces of denim apparel to the US market and around 140 million to Europe. The country was also the largest exporter of men’s jeans to Europe in 2013 with 89 million pieces compared to 65 million from China.


The global market for denim is projected to reach a mammoth sixty-five billion dollars by 2015. Though the United States were the major denim producer throughout the years but now with the emergence of the Asia Pacific countries like China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh you can say denim is not anymore an American product. So, to meet the demand of both the requirements of our country as well as abroad country we should come forward to produce quality denim products.

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Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh

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