Job Responsibility of IE in Apparel Industry

Before appointing an industrial engineer for the apparel industry, you have to keep in mind the Job Responsibility of IE in Apparel Industry. Here IE means Industrial Engineering. The world has limited resources but day by day we need to produce more and more product. The challenge is to increase productivity by using the least amount of resources. The garments industry is very much competitive. So in this competitive industry, it is a big challenge for Bangladesh or any other country to survive. We are looking for a solution where we will get more productive technology at a lower cost. Industrial Engineering is all about optimization of limited resources. Generally, Optimization, Planning, and Process Control is the core work in apparel for the industrial engineering department.

Job Responsibility of IE in Apparel Industry

Nowadays IE playing the key role in the apparel industry. Industrial Engineering Job is not an easy job, always engineers need to take on the challenge and bring a complete solution. The person who is responsible for industrial engineering is considered as an industrial engineer. I made a list of industrial engineering activities in the apparel industry.

Job Responsibility of IE in Apparel Industry

Major Work of Industrial Engineering in Garments

Industrial Engineering deals with the following activities:

  1. Time Study, Motion study
  2. Taking the capacity study of full-line and line balancing for clean-up bottleneck area.
  3. Methods developments & analysis as a side of quality & quantity.
  4. Follow-up the low performing Operators.
  5. Operation breakdown, Operation Bulleting / Layout
  6. SMV calculation by time study.
  7. Operator skill Summery.
  8. Train up production staff on efficiency.
  9. Process-wise operator skill development.
  10. Nonproductive time (Loss Time) record and reduce.
  11. Hourly Production Monitoring & Achieve the line Target.
  12. Prepare Man machine report.
  13. 5s implementation, Training, and Auditing
  14. Work on 7 QC tools to minimize defect.
  15. Statistical analysis for continuous quality improvement.
  16. Production Planning and control, Planning Calculations
  17. Capacity Study
  18. Production Study
  19. PDCA Cycle
  20. 7 Wastage reduce
  21. Manpower Budget Planning
  22. CPM, CM Calculation
  23. Line Cost Calculation, Floor capacity calculation
  24. SPM, EPM, PCL Calculation
  25. Reduce WIP (Work in Process)
  26. Operator, Line and floor efficiency Calculation
  27. Follow up KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and Report
  28. Inventory Control in all section
  29. Implementation of lean manufacturing tools and Six Sigma
  30. Provide Incentive for operator and Production staffs
  31. Manpower requisition and set up
  32. Eliminating excess manpower
  33. Improving Productivity through a detailed analysis of the process by process
  34. Smooth supply chain management from raw material to output
  35. Helping to launch the TQM (Total Quality Management) system in a factory
  36. Implement traffic light system on the floor & reduced sewing defect percentage
  37. Co-ordination with merchandising
  38. Fabric & thread consumption.
  39. Garments analysis & style development for reducing costing.

Please mention in the comment box if I missed any point.

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