5S Implementation in Apparel Educational Institution

5S Implementation in Apparel Educational Institution

This article is mainly focused on the implementation of 5S in educational institutions, a Japanese Technique in order to manage the waste, and improve the cleanness of the Institution. 5S is an approach to make the workplace a better organization with an efficient and managed production. It is not only used to identify and eliminate the waste but also to work with improved methods where many teams get involved in the process. In this study, we concentrated on the enactment in the Garment construction Laboratory. Firstly, the tools and equipment in the laboratory were identified and sorted according to their requirement. Later, they were arranged in a systematic order and standard operating procedure for each process was created considering safety and rules and regulations of the institution. Awareness was created among the members of the institution.

5S Implementation in apparel educational institution

  1. Introduction:

Today, every organization has implemented 5s management techniques to enhance productivity and competitiveness. 5s is mainly concerned with creating a well-organized and clean working environment in the whole working place. In educational sector, the implementation of 5s will improve the workplace, enhance better environment, and eliminate accidents in the workplace. This report will help to know and identify the wastes and also would provide the methods for removing and controlling the waste in the institution which will help in more systematic work procedures in the college. Students will easily adopt industry management techniques and systems through the best practice of 5s in the educational institution. This project explains the importance of a well-organized workplace in an educational institute and the benefits that is implemented. This project helps to create a clean workplace and systematic work process in the institution.

  1. 5S policy

5s is the technique to create systematic culture of the organization. It is the basic foundation for lean manufacturing. 5s is a management technique from japan. This technique focuses on establishing a quality environment in the organization, creating standard operating procedures, continuous improvement of the organization.

5s is the acronym of five Japanese words

  • Seiri – Sort
  • Seiton – Set in Order
  • Seiso – Shine
  • Seiketsu – Standardize
  • Shitsuke – Sustain

1S: Sort: Clearly distinguish needed items from unneeded and eliminate.

2S: Set in order: Keep needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval.

3S: Shine: Keep the workplace neat and clean.

4S: Standardize: The method by which Sort, Set in order, Shine are made habitual.

5S: Sustain: Maintain established procedures.

Additional S: Safety – Strive to eliminate the accident in the workplace.

process chart of 5sFig. no. 1- Process chart of 5S

Implementation of 5s in educational institutes is making the professional with the best practice of 5s. It is not only for identifying waste and removing, it is a process of creating a quality environment and improving the safety of the organization also improving the productivity in the industries and educational institute. It will help the student in the future; they can easily adapt to the 5s system in the industries after completing the studies.

3. Benefits of 5s implementation in educational institutes:

  1. Reduce the wastage level such as
  • Waiting for materials, machines, or instruction
  • Unwanted transportation or movement
  • Excessive inventory
  • Inefficient machine processing and/or operation
  • Producing defects
  • Inadequate housekeeping
  • Miscommunication or inadequate instruction
  • Time
  1. Effective utilization of resources
  2. Identification of materials makes it easy accessible of the workplace.
  3. Clean working environment
  4. Health and safety is ensured
  5. Machine maintenance easy
  6. Organized and disciplined way of work by sop (standard operating procedure)
  7. Uniform terminology created
  8. Quick retrieval
  9. Accidents & mistakes minimized
  10. Increases space
  11. Visual management system

4. Step by step implementation of 5S in an educational institution:


The sort is the process of clearly distinguish needed items from unwanted and eliminate the unwanted items. By using the sorting form the necessary items are identified (table: 1). Then it eliminates the waste materials from the workplace. It helps to maintain a clean workplace and improve the efficiency of the searching things also the time will be reduced.

1S sortFig No: 2

After listing the Materials ask the following questions

5s implementation in apparel educational institutionFig No: 3

Step: 1 – List out the things present in the workplace.

Step: 2 – Is it needed or unwanted.

Step: 3 – If it is needed means, how much needed?

If it is needed means when it is needed?

Step: 4 – If it is unwanted means, Move the material to red tag area

Table No 1 – 1S in Stationary

Serial No. Item Needed How much needed When needed
1 Pen Yes 1 Daily
2 Pencil Yes 1 Daily
3 Stamp pad Yes 1 Weekly
4 A4 Paper Yes Maximum 10 Daily
5 Petrol No
6 Eraser Yes 1 Daily
7 Snacks No
8 Scale Yes 1 Daily
9 Stapler Yes 1 Daily
10 Mobile charger No

2S: Set in order:

set in order

It is very important to make the visualization of the workplace. Here the shortlisted needed items should be placed in an appropriate place. Floor marking helps to identify the places of storage of each material and transport ways or pathways. Labeling helps to identify the material easily.

setps in set in orderFig No: 5

Step: 1- Shortlist the needed things and allocate the place for the things

Step: 2 – Needed things are divided into the following category

  • Daily usage, Weekly Usage, Monthly Usage

Step: 3 – Floor marking & Mark the location for placing the things, and give labeling to the same

Step: 4 – Prepare the overall layout for the workplace to find the location.

                 Prepare the switchboard layout for easy identification of switch.

Step: 4 – Always keep the things in that allocated place

3S: Shine

shineFig No: 6

Daily cleaning of workplace permits to identify and eliminates dirt and dust sources from the workplace. It maintains the workplace clean and neat.

3s stepsFig No: 7

Step: 1 – First of all find the dirt sources and identify causes for the same.

Step: 2 – Then make a schedule for cleaning the workplace. According to the schedule make the cleaning checklist. Make Sign after the cleaning process.

Table no. 2- Cleaning Schedule

cleaning schedule

4S: Standardize


Implemented Sort, Set in order, Shine steps must be made habitual. Form the standard operating procedure for each and every process. Standardization helps to effective communication and easy to understand. SOP (Standard operating procedure) should not violate the standard rules of the organization.

4s standardization stepsFig No: 9

Step: 1 – Standardize every process in the institute

Step: 2 – Giving responsibility to every one

5S: Sustain

sustainFig No: 10

Maintain the established procedures in the organization. Create awareness for newcomers to the educational institute. They should obey the system of 5S. It helps to the continuous improvement of the institute. Once a month must make a 5S inspection of the workplace and everyone should know the importance of the 5S concept. It helps the sustainability of 5S in the educational institute.

5s sustain stepsFig No: 11

Step: 1 – Follow and maintain the established standards

Step: 2 – Monthly once make auditing in the workplace.

  1. During 5S Implementation:

5S Implementation10. Before 5S and after Implementation of 5S Photos

effect of 5s implementaion in apparel industry

Before and After Implementation of 5S

effect of 5S implementation in apparel educational institution

5S implementation techniques11.Conclusion

Implementation of 5S in college and educational institute, the workplace becomes organized and proper place for education. Implementation of 5S helps to make the work of each and every individual easier. Students’ discipline improved with the help of 5S practice. In future students can easily adopt the industry rules and regulations through the best practice of 5S. This helps to make every work in a smart way. Most of the accidents and mistakes reduced. 5S implementation in the college will improve its effectiveness.


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 P. Sivakumar

The author is currently an industrial engineer in JayJay Mills (India) Pvt Ltd. His area of interest includes standardization, Lean Manufacturing. Email: [email protected]

5S Implementation in Apparel Educational Institution

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