Job Description of a Digital Printing Technician

Job Responsibilities of Digital Printing Technician

Job Description of a Digital Printing Technician

The Digital Printing Technician will be responsible for the digital Dye Sublimation printer and Ink Jet printer. The job description of a digital printing technician includes all the responsibilities mentioned below. This role is basically suitable for candidates who have digital printing experience, and wanting to challenge themselves in a good factory environment. It is crucial to understand the dye sub and direct print on the fabric process and how each step affects color and quality. This person will understand the profiles and conditions of the press, keeping up on maintenance to ensure the best quality printing output.

Responsibilities of Digital Printing Technician

  • You will be responsible for operating all the digital printing equipment.
  • Provide technical solutions as required for bulk production of different types of printing.
  • Work independently to design, execute and document digital printing experiments.
  • Capability to solve all types of technical issues related to sample, size set, bulk production, etc. with the printing machine.
  • Ensuring that products meet set requirements and specifications (colorfastness, durability, and accuracy, etc.)
  • Color retouching, fixing or re-creating files as needed, and color management.
  • Inspect and examine the coordination of the printed products with the quality team for print clarity, color accuracy, conformance to specifications and external defects.
  • Ensure the quality during bulk production and also minimize the rejections.
  • You will need to take responsibility for the storage of prints and other works in production, monitoring and maintaining records of usage, monitoring and reordering stock, and working within a given budget.
  • To ensure proper maintenance and security of printing software, database storage, and related documentation and manuals.
  • Communicate with designer and sample department, color department, coordinators and merchant team for development issues of a good product.
  • Checking products for suitability and testing for performance under various conditions as required.
  • Examine the specific style to determine the details, such as sample quality, types of color/chemicals be used, color sequences and any other instructions.
  • Be responsible for components of variable data printing, including the creative aspects and print production.
  • Collaborate with Material Managers and Developers to test innovation opportunities and identify solutions to meet innovation objectives.
  • Bring recommendations and ideas on what is possible with technology and keeping up to date with trends and innovations.
  • To provide advice, training, and support to concern people; this will include designing and implementing personal training programs for an individual as necessary.
  • Be responsible for proofing your work to help ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Skills Required for Digital Printing Technician

  1. Excellent influencing, communication, interpersonal and facilitation skills.
  2. Must have technical knowledge of digital printing.
  3. Ability to develop and implement complex project plans and strategies required for the printing section.
  4. Experience working with ink chemistries and fluid rheology a plus.
  5. Knowledge of data management software and information technology used in digital printing.
  6. Knowledge of textile chemistry, physical materials testing, product testing, design, and product engineering a plus.
  7. Knowledge of creating the design to execute on a digital printer.
  8. Basic knowledge of file conversion and image file formats or any other printable file formats.
  9. Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  10. Ability to manage multiple tasks, shift gears quickly for changing priorities, and meet demanding deadlines.
Job Description of a Digital Printing Technician

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  1. Im a Digital Fabric print manager ,Having experience of 4 Different countries as a Manager.
    Having a vast Experience of designing and Expert in color Matching on Any digital Machine using Adobe Photo shop.

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