Number One Environmental Friendly Factory

Number One Environmental Friendly Factory in the World

Can you guess which one is the number one environmental friendly factory in the world? I think you would not be able to guess the right one.

You will be surprised to know that a factory from the developing country recently attains the achievement of the world’s number one environmentally friendly factory which is located in Bangladesh. Although a factory from a developing country like Bangladesh; from their current economic condition right now it is impossible to ensure all the factors for becoming an environmentally friendly factory because of a lack of developed infrastructure. But we are trying to improve our factory environment according to the guidelines provided by the government and from this, we get the positive outcome of improvement of factory condition by the success of Plummy Fashion.

number one environmental friendly factory
Factory of Plummy Fashions

Plummy Fashions is the number one environmentally friendly factory in the world certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) which is located in Bangladesh near Dhaka city, Narayangonj. This is a great achievement by the Bangladeshi company. USGBC basically works for ratings of the company’s/factories’ environmental conditions and green building. The rate is based on different factors related to the company/factory. There are four categories of rating points first one is certified (40-49 points), second one silver (50-59 points), third one gold (60-70), and last one platinum (80 plus).

If a company or factory which gets 80+ points then it is considered as an environmentally friendly factory; whereas Plummy Fashions got 92 points which is the highest point ever a company gets from the USGBC ratings around the world. Because of this achievement by the Bangladeshi company we are getting a positive indication of doing, what is good for our employee’s working conditions and environmental factors.

After the deathly incident (Rana Plaza crashed, Tazreen factory fire, Spectrum factory, KTS textile mill) happened in recent year’s buyers are now more concerned about the work environment, a safety measure for the workers and for the factories. To ensure the safety of workers huge pressure is coming from foreign buyers and from the government of Bangladesh. Now each and every company trying to ensure safety and a good working environment in Bangladesh and many companies attain a good overview from the regulatory body that the company is secured enough to work.

Now come to the point that what makes it possible for the Plummy Fashions to achieve this recognition of the world’s number one environmentally friendly factory?

For ensuring and maintaining the standard of SUGBC Plummy Fashions actually tried to do the following very much strictly.

  • A proper building code is maintained when making buildings and infrastructures.
  • It follows LEED manufacturing standards for installing machinery and installed calibrated machinery.
  • For using solar energy this company set up a larger solar plant in Bangladesh.
  • Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free cooling system is adapted
  • Ensure proper use of water which is collected from the rainwater and underground water. Also, they ensure the reuse of water for minimizing water wastage.
  • Use of LED light in the factory
  • Use of low energy consuming machine
  • Also, their system ensures a lower level of carbon footprint.

Not only limited to these factors but also there are many other factors that are strictly controlled and maintained by the Plummy Fashions, which working behind their achievement.

Advantages and Environmental Friendly Factory can get

As we all know that now people around the world are more conscious about the health of the people and the environment, so if a company can ensure to meet the expectation of people then definitely they will be treated differently and for their product, they will be ready to spend more money.

Hope all other company will be inspired by watching the achievement of Plummy Fashions and will try to improve their factory condition and finally they will become an environmentally friendly factory.

Number One Environmental Friendly Factory

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