Compliance Checklist for Garments Industry

Social Compliance Audit

Social compliance deals with a company’s employee health and safety others legal right from a social perspective. To makes a compliant factory, need to follow local labor law and international social compliance requirements. Social compliance Audit related to child labor, forced labor, health and safety, Abuse and Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours, Remuneration, Freedom of association, Management systems, etc. Social compliance is a vital part of the apparel industry because of the social compliance Audit impact on a company’s reputation and business. Here in this article, we will share all the compliance checklist for the garments industry.

Compliance Checklist for Garments Industry

Compliance Check List

There are many criteria where need a check list and follow in routine wise in apparel industry, here I am giving these checklists and checking criteria for your understanding.

Fire Extinguisher Checklist

  1. Type of Extinguisher
  2. Refilling Date
  3. Due Date
  4. Location
  5. Access in maintained.
  6. Locking Pin in place.
  7. Charge indicator in green area.
  8. Pressure Hose in good condition.
  9. Inspection tag of the existing.
  10. Expired date should be one Month.

Daily First Aid Box Check List

  1. Adhesive (Bandage)
  2. Burn Cream
  3. Viodin (Cream)
  4. Viodin (Liquid)
  5. Provicep
  6. Hexisol
  7. Anticeptic wipes (Savlon Cream)
  8. Anticeptic wipes (Savlon)
  9. Nebanol Powder
  10. Roller Bandage- 2″
  11. Roller Bandage- 4″
  12. Surgical Scissors
  13. Nix
  14. ORS
  15. Gauze Pcs.
  16. cotton
  17. Signature of Nurse

Toilet Check List

  1. Soap
  2. Bucket
  3. Sandal
  4. Tap
  5. Basin
  6. Towel
  7. Adjust Fan
  8. Overall Cleanliness of Toilet
  9. Cleaner Sign

Daily Checklist of Drinking Water Filter

  1. If filter clean
  2. Water level
  3. Water color
  4. If water clean
  5. Water tap
  6. Supply of water
  7. Water pipe switch
  8. Water temperature

Fire Alarm & Testing Report

  1. Condition
  2. Action Taken

Fire Extinguisher Checklist

  1. Nozzle
  2. Number Marking
  3. Safety pin
  4. Meter
  5. Ziczack Marking
  6. Expire Date
  7. Have the Picture of responsible person
  8. Have the inspection card
  9. Have the rules to handling
  10. Signature of Inspector

Fire Equipment Box Checklist

  1. Fire Helmet
  2. Gum Boot
  3. Hand Gloves
  4. Fire Bitter
  5. Fire hook
  6. Hammer
  7. Streacher
  8. Lock Cutter
  9. Respiratory Musk
  10. Fire Blanket
  11. Manila Roof
  12. Gas Mask
  13. Torch Light
  14. Fire Heat Proof Dress

Boiler Check List

  1. Boiler Controling Area
  2. Water Level ok/Not ok
  3. Pressure Meter ok/Not
  4. Safty Valve ok/Not
  5. Gas Header ok/Not

Electrical Equipment Checklist

Substation Room

  1. LT Switchgear
  2. HT Switchgear
  3. PFI Panel
  4. Housekeeping
  5. MDB
  6. Emergency fire pump switch

Production Floor

  1. All Switchboard panels
  2. All emergency switch
  3. All circuit breakers
  4. All electrical cords, plugs
  5. Combustibles distance

Compressor Room

  1. Pressure relief valve
  2. Guarding of belts
  3. Blowdown valve
  4. Pressure gauge
  5. Filters
  6. Lubrication

Generator Room

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Circuit breakers
  3. Lubrication
  4. Temperature
  5. Pressure Gauge
  6. Filters

Schedule Check for Electrical MDB/BD

  1. Name Plate, Key & Rubber Mat Check
  2. All side clean, Indicating Lamp & Cooling Check
  3. Cable Check & Nut-bolt loose Connection Check
  4. Amp. & Volt Meter Check
  5. Cable/Bar Temp & Load balance Check
  6. Earth Line Cable Check
  7. Keep free space in front of DB
  8. Ckt braker/fuse/selector switch Check
  9. Inside clean

Schedule Check for Exhaust Fan

  1. Exhaust Blower Clean                  
  2. Duct Line Clean                               
  3. Heat Exchanger Side Net Clean               
  4. M/C Inside Clean                            
  5. M/C All Side Clean

Schedule Check for Fire Pump

  1. Name Plate Check.                         
  2. All side clean                    
  3. Battery Water Level Check                       
  4. Battery terminal Loose Connection Check                         
  5. Battery Auto Charger Check                     
  6. Hose Pipe/Nozzle Joint Coupling Check.                            
  7. Diesel Tank & Diesel Level Check.                         
  8. Lube Oil Level Check.                   
  9. Delivery Valve Check.                  
  10. Suction Pipe Non Return Valve Check.

Inspection, Test & Maintenance Requirements for Standpipe and Hose Systems

Inspection, Test and Maintenance Requirements for Standpipe and Hose Systems

Generator Maintenance Checklist (monthly) NFPA 110

  1. Fuel
  2. Main supply tank level
  3. Day tank level
  4. Lubrication system
  5. Oil level
  6. Lube oil heater
  7. Cooling System
  8. Level
  9. Adequate cooling water to heat exchanger
  10. Adequate fresh air through radiator
  11. Fan and alternator belt
  12. Exhaust System
  13. Leakage
  14. Drain condensate trap
  15. Batteary System
  16. Electrolyte level
  17. Remove corrosion, case exterior clean and dry
  18. specific gravity or state of charge
  19. charger and charge rate
  20. Electrical System
  21. General inspection
  22. Prime Mover
  23. General inspection
  24. Governor oil level and linkage
  25. Generator
  26. Brush length, appearance, free to move in holder
  27. Unusual condition Vibration leakage noise and temptation
  28. Service room or housing keeping

Lighting Protection System In-depth Visual Inspection Checklist

  1. Any loose connection at junction points
  2. Corrosion in any part
  3. Down Conductor & earth terminal connection is proper (intact)
  4. Any mechanical damage of system component
  5. Conductor are connected properly with surface
  6. Any damage due to surge
  7. All clamps are tightened
  8. Additions or change of the structure (protected structure)
  9. Any others abnormalities
  10. Earth resistance test perform
  11. Continuity (arrester to mesh, mesh to down conductor, down conductor to earth conductor) test perform

Garments factory also check compliance of housekeeping, factory load capacity, sharp tools keeping and register, floor temperature, humidity, quarterly pest control by third party.

Compliance Audit CAP

After a Compliance Audit, the factory has to submit a corrective action plan (CAP) or preventive action plan. Every month follow up CAP improvement with pictorial and written evidence, a report has to make for the buyer.

Compliance Checklist for Garments Industry

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