Commercial Department Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry

The commercial department involves with export and import raw materials and finished garments, manage and provide necessary export and import documents for smooth export-import process in garments manufacturing. Their role is very vital, deal with merchandising and accounts department for their working procedure.

Commercial Department in Apparel Industry

Commercial Department Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry

Job Responsibilities of Garments Commercial Department

  1. Work with the Export Promotion Bureau
  2. Work with Bank
  3. Work with BGMEA
  4. Buying House Management
  5. Freight Forwarder/Shipping Agent Management
  6. Clearing & Forwarding agent Management
  7. Customs Bond work
  8. Regular Office Work

Commercial Department Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry

(i) Export Promotion Bureau Work like: “Certificate of Origin (C.O.), Visa Commercial Invoice, Quota issue, SAPTA Certificate, Mexico Certificate, GSP, Metropolitan/Dhaka Chamber (C.O.), etc.

(ii) Banking work like: Master/Export L/C Collection, Master/Export L/C lien to Bank, L/C Transfer to another party, BTB L/C open and its Amendment, Import Doc’s Collect from Bank and Endorsement, Letter of Guarantee/Bank Guarantee for release the Import consignment, Document Purchase for fund, Export Documents submit for payment realization, Bank Bill/Reference Number taken, DHL/FedEx courier Number/Receipt collect, Follow up about Proceed Realization, Import Bill Acceptance & give the maturity date, Payment of BTB LC at maturity, Local Agent Commission Paid, miscellaneous certificate collect, PRC, Bank loan adjustment duly, Bank statement & Voucher collect, renewal & extension of Bank Liability & sanction and so on.

(iii) BGMEA work like: Fabrics and Accessories Utilization Declaration and its Amendment work, Balance Fabrics/Raw material Adjustment, Export Order for export the Stock Lot or Un exported Goods, UD certificate collect, Interbond transfer for Sub-Contract work, BGMEA Certificate collect for “Free of Cost” goods Import, Sample Pass Book renewal for sample goods import, BGMEA License Renewal, Auto-Renewal of Bond License, all types of BGMEA Certificate as needs, yearly member’s ID renewal and so on.

(iv) Buying House Management: Follow-up about order procurement, Master L/C or L/C Transfer Collect, Collect the Cost Break Up for calculation, Collect the Order Sheet, Sketch & Measurement collect from Merchandiser, Proforma Invoice Collect, BTB L/C & its Amendment mail/send to them, Export Document send for collect IC, Bank Bill/Reference Number and DHL/FedEx Courier Receipt number send/Fax to them, buying commission (LAC) paid. 

(v) Freight Forwarder/Shipping Agent Management: Online Shipment Booking to Export for Air and Sea, Shipping Advice collect, Dummy B/L or AWB collect for EPB work, Original doc’s send to them for shipped goods release at the destination, Original B/L or AWB collect as well surrender of export document.

(VI) Clearing & Forwarding agent Management: Import Doc’s Handover to C&F Agent with Bank Endorsement for Clearing the Imported Goods. Shipping Doc’s handover to C & F agent for Export, follow up about Assessment and Examine, collect the Bill of Entry/ Shipping Bill as authenticated Import & Export record.

(vii) Office Work: Correspondence with Foreign and Local Buyer & Buying House, follow up to suppliers about production status as well their booking, shipment and import documents, Export Documents Ready, follow up about finished goods for export progress, E-Mailing regarding several issue, corporate meeting, managing relevant party regarding arising issue as situation, etc.

(Viii) Customs Bond work: For Up-to-Date General Bond, Customs Audit Export Proceed Realization (PRC) statement ready, all certificate and documents submitted to Customs according to Customs Office instruction, Ownership change, Permanent Bond Transfer, Machineries Indemnity Bond release, Lien Bank Change/Addition, Factory Building Extension/Replacement, UP, In-Bond & Ex-Bond work for chemical and for deemed exporter and so on.

Commercial Department Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry

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