Job Responsibilities of Inline Quality Inspector

Job Responsibilities of Inline Quality Inspector of Apparel Industry

Job Responsibilities of Inline Quality Inspector of Apparel Industry

Inline Quality Inspector

The inline quality inspector checks garments in-process sewing and finishing production line. End product quality depends on inline quality control which done as soon as an operation complete, it can be called online quality control. If inline quality inspector gets a defect, the product never goes the next process without rectification, that’s the importance of Inline quality control because ratification of end garments is almost impossible. 

Job Responsibilities of Inline Quality Inspector of Garments

The Job Responsibilities of Inline Quality Inspector are:

  1. Check the complete operations necessary for passing a new style.
  2. Must keep a measuring tape, specs sheets, Alter stickers and inline reports during the inline checking.
  3. Make sure either all terms are available or not.
  4. Make sure cleanliness of the machines
  5. If any needle is making holes then must change it and use the needle according to the requirement of the garment.
  6. Point out the damaged (out of order) machines and try to make in order
  7. Otherwise, take the machine out of flow or mark it as (out of order).
  8. Check the sewing thread shades according to PPC file and matching.
  9. Must check the garments that either these are according to quality standards after the maintenance of machines.
  10. Confirm the trims attachments are passed e.g. Collar cuff, tapes, buttons, labels Placket, and sleeves, etc.
  11. Must Check and confirm the proper placement of HTL labels, pockets and printing or embroidery.
  12. Check all the bundles in this manner that 100% of every bundle must be checked.
  13. Confirm the stitching alterations must be done right after QC inspection.
  14. Sign the bundles’ barcode after completion.
  15. During inline inspection If continues fault immediately inform to production /quality supervisor to take corrective action urgently.
  16. An inline inspector must check the most highlighted area (fault) according to the QC supervisor instructions and must check the computer number of the operator at the back of barcode before sign it.

Tools Required by Inline Inspector

  1. Appropriate inspection table/area with appropriate lighting
  2. Approved Sample / Sewing Reference Garment
  3. Stitch Counter 4-SAM sheet
  4. PPC file
  5. Trims card
  6. Reporting page
  7. Pen
  8. Measuring Tape
  9. Faults’ sticker
  10. SAM sheet
  11. PPC file
Job Responsibilities of Inline Quality Inspector

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