Fusing Process and Quality Inspection of Fusing Machine in Apparel

Fusing Process and Quality Inspection of Fusing Machine in Apparel

In this article, you will learn how Fusing Process and Quality Inspection of Fusing Machine in Apparel is to be done.

Fusing Process and Quality Inspection of Fusing Machine in Apparel

Fusing Process

Fusing is a process which attaches interlining with garments by heat and temperature, fix interlining and fabrics by bonding in garments manufacturing. The bonding strength between interlining and fabrics is the matter in the fusing process. Generally, bonding strength needs 600-700 Gram. Generally Interlining use in the waistband, pocket flap, box placket in garments.

Fusing Machine Setting

First of all, collect data sheet from an interlining supplier where has written instruction on machine temperature, time and pressure. Setting machine as per supplier recommendation and start test fusing process. And then checking bonding strength, if bonding strength match as per requirement, surely bonding recipe (temperature, pressure, and time) will be noted for a specific lot. If bonding strength does not match with requirement then some experiment needs to do by changing time, temperature and pressure to a style fusing. The thermal paper used to test machine temperature.  

Supplier Technical Data Sheet for Fusing Machine

  • Item: Paper Dot Fusible Interlining – White
  • Weight: 21 GSM
  • Temperature:  140 – 150 Degree Centigrade.
  • Pressure:   3.50 kg
  • Time:    12   to   13 Second.

*It’s an example of supplier data sheet; you should follow your supplier data

Fusing Quality Control

Before fusing, fusing QC do an experiment to fix interning (TEMP, TIME & PRESSURE) as per supplier recommendation. Then if QC finds the buyer required bonding strength by that experiment, will be allowed to start bulk. If QC not gets required bonding strength, he will try differently by changing temp, time and pressure. So QC will set a standard for every style.

After setting of Fusing standard, QC will set mock-up, sending fusing mock-up for washing to check wash appearance.

Fusing Quality Inspection

QC inspects fusing quality under 1000+ lux, keep all inspection record. QC audit from every bundle using AQL or any other system. If there more than two bundles fail in any PO, fusing will stop immediately. There will be another experiment to solve the problem. Then bulk fusing will restart.

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