Flow Chart of Bale Management

Bale management is the first step of spinning. 40% yarn quality come from bale management. Good bale management give good result in yarn manufacturing. Good mixing depends on good bale management.

Flow chart of Bale management

Raw cotton => Bale-Moisture % test => Collect sample (Every bale) => Sample testing => Classify bale => Bale law down => Mixing

flow chart of bale management

Flow Chart of Bale Management

*Ideal Moisture percentage for cotton fibre 7.5% to 8.0%.
*There three testing of bale sample. HVI, AFIS and trash content

Some properties to determine of cotton bale:

  • Length
  • Strength
  • Fineness
  • Maturity
  • Uniformity
  • Rd (Reflectance/Brightness/Whiteness) + b (Yellowness)
  • Trash content
    *According to test result same properties of bale should lay down for mixing.

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