Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine

An Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine

Auto cone is a modern yarn winding machine. It is used to prepare a bigger package from ring bobbin. It is just not only has a winding machined but there also some extra specifications for this machine.

Features of auto cone winding

  • Auto splice without a knot.
  • Automatically remove yarn fault.
  • Make a bigger package in minimum coast
  • Waxing device
  • Pneumatic disc type tensioner
  • Electronic yarn clearer
  • Reserve ring bobbin

overview of modern auto cone winding machine

Parts of AUTOCONER Machine

  • Bobbin Magazine
  • Chute guide
  • Bobbin peg
  • Knit preventer
  • Bal con
  • Photoelectric yarn feeler
  • Pre clearer
  • Re-tie arm/mouth
  • Yarn tensioner
  • Suction arm/mouth
  • Splicer
  • Electronic yarn clearer
  • Waxing devise
  • Drum
  • Package cradle
  • Unit start & stop switch
  • Unit indicator
  • Empty conveyor
  • Cone conveyor
  • Overhead cleaner
  • Machine ON switch
  • Machine OFF switch
  • Blower ON switch
  • Blower OFF switch

Working principle / Function of auto cone machine

  • Making Cone package from cops.
  • Remove yarn fault (Thick & thin place, naps, foreign materials, etc)
  • Remove a knot of yarn by auto splicing.
  • To wax the materials
  • Minimize yarn imperfections
  • To wax yarn
  • Improve yarn quality
  • Give the suitable shape of cone package
  • Make uniform yarn
  • Achieve higher production and less power consumption
Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine

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