Yarn Manufacturing Abbreviations

There are lots of processes involved in different types of spinning. It is required to go through different critical processes to convert fiber into yarn and in these processes, different abbreviations are used by the people working there. Whereas yarn manufacturing is continuing fiber to cone winding. If you are working in the yarn manufacturing section then you definitely need to know some important abbreviations used in the yarn manufacturing process, because it will help you to understand these abbreviations and use accordingly.

Considering the importance I have tried my best to accumulate all the abbreviations used in the different stages of yarn manufacturing.

yarn manufacturing abbreviations

Yarn Manufacturing Abbreviations

  • BCIRA-British Cotton Industries Research Association
  • BJSA-Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association
  • CCI-Cotton Council International
  • CDS-Count Data System
  • CSP-Count Strength Product
  • CBC-Carpet Batching Cloth
  • CH-Card Hosiery
  • CW-Card Weaving
  • CCP-Continuous Count Plus
  • CCM-Continuous Count Minus
  • CV- Coefficient of Variation
  • CN-Centi Newton
  • CRL-Constant Rate of Loading
  • CRE-Constant Rate of Elongation/Extension
  • CIS-Commonwealth Independent State
  • CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
  • DC-Draft Constant
  • DCCP-Draft Constant Change Pinion
  • DCP-Draft Change Pinion
  • FMT-Fines Maturity Test
  • FFP-Floating Fiber Percentage
  • FQI-Fiber Quality Index
  • FQI-Fiber Quality Index
  • HSC-Highest Standard Count
  • HVI-High Volume Instrument
  • IFC-Immature Fiber Content
  • IPI-Imperfection Index
  • ISO-International Organization for Standardization
  • IIC-International Institute for Cotton
  • LINRA -Linen Industry Research Association
  • LCP-Lifter Change Pinion
  • MMF-Manmade Fiber
  • MIC-Micronaire Value
  • MR-Moisture Ratio
  • MR-Moisture Regain
  • MC-Moisture Content
  • MD-Mechanical Draft
  • NRE-Neps Removal Efficiency
  • PI-Pressley Index
  • PMD-Percentage of Mean Deviation
  • PCW-Production Change Wheel
  • RW-Ratchet Wheel
  • RH-Relative Humidity
  • RPM-Revolution Per Minute
  • SCP-Spindle Change Pinion
  • SCI-Spinning Consistency Index
  • SFI-Short Fiber Index
  • SCN-Seed Boat Neps
  • TM-Twist Multiplier
  • TF-Twist Factor
  • TW-Tapper Wheel
  • TPI-Twist Per Inch
  • TPM-Twist Per Meter
  • TCS-Trash Count on Surface
  • TCP-Twist Change Pinion
  • UHML-Upper Half Mean Length
  • UI-Uniformity Index
  • UQL-Upper Quarter Length
  • VFM-Visible Foreign Matter
  • WIRA-Woolen Industries Research Association
  • WI-Wear Index

If you know any other abbreviations related to yarn manufacturing then you can write it to the comment box so that we can have an idea about this.

Yarn Manufacturing Abbreviations

Yarn Manufacturing Abbreviations

One thought on “Yarn Manufacturing Abbreviations

  1. LOY – Low oriented yarn.
    POY – Partially oriented yarn. Pre oriented yarn.
    FDY – Fully drawn yarn
    DTY – Draw textured yarn
    ATY – Air textured yarn
    AI – Air Intermingled
    TPM – Twist Per Meter

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