The Combed Yarn Manufacturing Process

The combed yarn manufacturing process is followed by the combing process. This yarn is finer than carded yarn. Generally combing produced 60 counts or more than 60 count yarn. But sometimes 32 counts or 40 counts yarn also produced by the combing process. It is high-quality yarn and it is more expensive compared with carded yarn because its combining process is time-intensive.

Combed Yarn

Combed Yarn Manufacturing Process

Functional steps related to this manufacturing process are blown room, carding, pre-comb drawing frame, lap frame, combing, post-comb drawing frame, simplex, and finally ring frame.

Functional steps of Combed yarn manufacturing process

Features of Combed Yarn

There are several features of combed yarn can be identified these are given below shortly:

  1. Higher count yarn
  2. Combed Yarn is finer than carded yarn
  3. Produced excluding short fiber
  4. Regular yarn
  5. High-quality yarn
  6. Uniform yarn
  7. Smooth yarn
  8. Good water absorbency
  9. Less hairy
  10. Normally naps free
  11. Costly Production
  12. High price
  13. Higher breaking strength
  14. Lustrous
The Combed Yarn Manufacturing Process

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