List of Spinning Machines for Yarn Making

Making yarn is not a simple process, it must pass through several steps to develop fiber into yarn. In case of textile engineering process, it’s requires different kinds of machines to produce finished products which is followed by fiber into garments. In textile facilities basically spinning is first stage of making yarn and then yarn is used to make fabric. Yarn is coming from the ginning of cotton or any other fiber.

List of Textile Machineries Used in Textile Manufacturing Process

List of Textile Machineries Used in Textile Manufacturing Process

This list will cover the ginning machines (responsible for fiber preparation), spinning machines (fabric making) and as a bonus list you will get jute spinning machine list.


Ginning is the process of producing clean cotton by separating the seeds, dust or any other unwanted object from the raw cotton. A good quality ginning will produce high quality yarn. It is also required to use high quality modern auto ginning machineries. List of ginning machines are presented in the following:

Ginning Machines

  1. Saw ginning machine
  2. Knife Roller ginning machine
  3. Mccarthy ginning machine


Textile production starts with the spinning process where yarns are made from fibers, and the process is known as spinning. Several types of spinning machines are used. As the modern technology changes there is also change in spinning machineries also. Please have a look into the following list of yarn spinning machineries for your better understanding.

Yarn Spinning Machineries

  1. Hopper type bale opener
  2. Crigton Opener Machine
  3. Porcupine Opener Machine
  4. Step/ultra/Super cleaner
  5. Vertical opener or cleaner
  6. Hopper feeder
  7. Kirschner beater
  8. Cotton cleaner
  9. R.N. beater
  10. S.R.R.L. beater
  11. Mono cylinder beater
  12. Scutcher
  13. Carding machine
  14. Drawing Frame
  15. Lap former
  16. Comber machine
  17. Simplex
  18. Ring Frame
  19. Cone winding machine
  20. Auto conning machine
  21. Automatic Blending Machine (box type)
  22. Double Chamber Blending Machine (box Type)

Jute Spinning

Jute product is made from jute yarn. Fiber came from Jute Plant which is separated from the jute plant using several complex processes. Then this fiber is used in jute spinning machine to produce jute yarn. Jute yarn is most popular for environmentally friendly material which is biodegradable. Here I have list few jute spinning machine which is commonly used.

Jute Spinning Machineries

  1. Jute 1st draw frame machine
  2. Jute 2nd draw frame machine
  3. Jute 3rd draw frame machine
  4. Jute Slip Draft Spinning frame 
  5. Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine
  6. Breaker Carding machine
  7. Finisher Carding machine

List of Spinning Machines for Yarn Making

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