5 Pairs of Shoes that Every Woman or Girl Needs in Her Closet

You may have such an amazing selection you can pick from different options of middle range, high range or whatever price you can afford.

Pairs of Shoes that Every Woman or Girl Needs

Five categories that today I want to share with you.

  1. Flats
  2. Heels
  3. Sneakers
  4. Boots and
  5. Luxury Shoe

1.    Flats Shoe

So when it comes to flats if you had to choose only one type I would recommend picking a pointed toe flat. These are probably my favorite that I own thereby made well and they’re exceptional quality everyone has their own opinions about this.

Flats Shoe

But I personally think a round toe has a tendency to make your legs look a little stubbier whereas a pointed toe is more feminine. And I think it makes the shoe look more expensive and high-end.


Pointed Toe

Now the other essential flat that I think every woman should own is a good classic loafer like many of the other shoes on these list loafers.

The flats category is finding a good sandal that you love wearing and reach for all spring and summer long. My favorite sandals I love the designs so much and they’re super comfortable.

Luxary Sandal

Even though it’s kind of just a flip-flop, it’s so much more than just a flip-flop rather than bringing down your whole outfit. I think these actually add to your outfit so get them in a couple shades and then when summer rolls around you’ll be reaching for them non-stop all right.

2.    Heels Shoe

Which I know some people aren’t really a fan of but I am telling you if you find the right ones you’re going to be reaching for them a lot more than you are now. So of course there are the classic pumps and yes that is what I’m going to start off with because they are just so good but the key is to find comfortable classic pumps. They come in so many colors just find the shade closest to your skin tone and you can literally throw them on with almost any outfit. Now the black heel is another pump but it has a twist.

Heels Shoe

I love these heels they are incredibly flattering the PVC plastic makes your legs look like they go on for days and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I do suggest sizing up half a size on these. I also love their beige nude version. They’re so eye-catching and I highly recommend them.

Heels Sandal

And then the other type of heel that you need is a good strappy sandal heel so this is kind of like the spring/summer best friend of the classic pump. Again I think having them in both black and nude is the way to go. But like many of the other shoes that I talked about they come in tons of colors and patterns. The reason I love these particular ones so much it’s because the block heel isn’t too high or too low it’s really just like the perfect height and it gives you some elevation.

Yet they’re super easy to walk in so I chose the black in a leather version and then the beige in a suede material with kind of like a scalloped detailing. They’re essentially the same exact shoe by the same brand you can find. Just pick and choose your combinations. They’re really just a perfect classic shoe for almost any outfit.

3.    Boots

I love boots a lot, they’re like the only redeeming thing about fall and winter. All though I am learning to wear them and style them all year round which is why they are on my list of must-haves. So we’re going to start off with a Chelsea boot if you like a flat or a sock boot if you like a heel. You probably don’t need both in your collection they’re very similar styles so it’s kind of just your preference. You can wear them with skirts I wear them with jeans. Again the pointy toe is to die for they’re really easy to wear for long periods of time. I just love them next on my list is to actually have a pair of boots that make a big statement.

I love the cutout right along the sides showing that little bit of ankle gives it kind of like a fresh and a little sexy yet conservative look. Many of the shoes on this list are a little more basic I mean they’re very versatile which is always a good thing these are essential shoes but I think it’s really important to sometimes step out of your comfort zone and just have a good statement boot.

Boots Shoes

That does all the talking when you walk into a room now here are other boots that also make a pretty big statement maybe not for the same reasons but I do think a pair of hunter boots are essential to having in your closet. They come in handy all year round there and they’re perfect for spring and summer, when it’s raining and muddy I think a lot of people know that but they’re so easy to clean they have amazing quality.

They have a great reputation and you can also get these add-on boot socks and they magically turn them into winter boots so you really do get your money’s worth out of them.

4.    Sneakers

Sneakers or tennis shoes in my opinion the best. Sneakers or tennis shoes are the ones that can be worn to work out and where it’s just a casual everyday outfit.

Sneakers Shoe for Girls

They could easily go just like a pair of jeans and maybe a cardigan but they’re still designed to be supportive and actually worn to exercise or get your heart racing so they’re kind of like a two-in-one design and that’s what you want to go for.

5.    Luxury Shoes

Designer or luxury shoes if your budget allows it, do not debt over a pair of shoes. Now when it comes to this category everyone has their favorite type of shoe and it’s usually something from one of the

5 Pairs of Shoes that Every Woman or Girl Needs in Her Closet

previous categories that I just talked about, so think about what you actually wear. If you love heels but you just never wear heels don’t buy them. May be buying a pair of designer sneakers or boots instead and I just want to be clear that buying a luxury shoe is in no way a necessity but I really do think they are made exceptionally well. They do last a very long time and sometimes you just feel good wearing that.

5 Pairs of Shoes that Every Woman or Girl Needs in Her Closet

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