Measurement of Top and Bottom Garments

Garments Measurements control is very important because cloth fitting depends on the right measurement and it is expected by the consumer that their dress fits properly. Every garment identifies by a size number. Every Size number has a fixed measurement chart for each and every part. Garments manufacturers have to keep control of their finished garments measurement. Keeping the correct measurement of garments is the major job of the Apparel Industry. Here I am sharing all points of measurement of Top and Bottom garments so that you can have an idea of all measurement points which will help you to deliver the right measurement product to the customer/Buyer.

Measurement of Top and Bottom Garments

Measurement of Top and Bottom Garments

Garments Measurement Points

  • Measurement Points of Top Garments
  • Measurement Points of Bottom Garments

Measurement Points of Top Garments

  1. Chest
  2. Sleeve Length
  3. Collar Length
  4. Shoulder
  5. Armhole
  6. Length
  7. Waist
  8. Sweep
  9. Front Length
  10. Collar Height
  11. Collar Point
  12. Band Height
  13. Cuff Height
  14. Cuff Opening
  15. Box Placket Width
  16. Bin Placket Width
  17. Pocket Width
  18. Pocket Length
  19. Flap Width
  20. Flap Height
  21. Back Yoke Height
  22. Back Pleat Pos From Armhole
  23. Back Plate
  24. Sleeve Packet Width
  25. Sleeve Packet Length
  26. Sleeve Placket Pos From Edge
  27. Sleeve Pleat Depth
  28. Bottom Hem Height
  29. Sleeve Hem Height

Measurement Points of Bottom Garments

  1. Waist
  2. Seat
  3. Thigh
  4. Inseam
  5. Front Rise
  6. Rise
  7. Knee
  8. Bottom Hem
  9. Waist Band Height
  10. W/B Loop Width
  11. W/B Loop Length
  12. Fly Width
  13. Fly Length
  14. Front Pocket Width
  15. Front Pocket Length
  16. Back Pocket Width
  17. Back Pocket Length
  18. Back Pocket Position from Center Back
  19. Back Rise Position From W/S at Center Back
  20. Back Pocket Pos From WB to Side Seam
  21. Yoke Height at Side Seam
  22. Bottom Hem Height
  23. Cargo Pocket Width
  24. Cargo Pocket Length
  25. Flap Width
  26. Flap Height

Measurement Tolerance Limit of Garments

There is a certain tolerance limit for Garments measurement fixed by the buyer. Tolerance limit has lower and upper limits, allowed measured value limit between maximum and minimum of fixed requirement. Tolerance, for example, you can follow the below-mentioned data.

Measurement points

Upper Limit

Lower Limit

Waist + 3/4″ – 3/4″
Seat +1″ -3/4″
Thigh +1/2″ -1/2″
Inseam +3/4″ -1/2″
Back Rise +1/2″ -1/2″
Front Rise +1/2″ -1/2″

 *It’s just an example, ORDNUR is not responsible if you find a match with any company.

Measurement of Top and Bottom Garments

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