Different Parts of a Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Polo shirt is one of the most popular dresses among all ages of people, especially for the younger generation. People like to wear because of their comfort, style, and adaptability. You can see them on street style blogs or on fashion-focused Instagrams like Juanita Barragan. Both males and females used to wear this polo shirt because of a smart look. If you are passionate about a polo shirt then you must have an interest in learning what are the different parts of a polo shirt and how the designer designs a polo shirt. As a merchandiser, you also should know about the consumption of fabric for a polo shirt.

Polo Shirt

Different Parts of a Polo Shirt

  1. Collar
  2. Placket (Inner Placket, Outer Placket)
  3. Button
  4. Neck Tape
  5. Yoke
  6. Pocket
  7. Sleeve
  8. Cuff
  9. Body
  10. Bottom Hem
Different Parts of a Polo Shirt

The Collar of Polo Shirt

The collar added an extra edge of a look of a polo shirt. This is one of the differentiating objects from the basic t-shirt. The size of the collar is not limited to a standard, a designer can choose any size which is suitable for a particular polo shirt.

Placket of Polo Shirt

The placket is the opening parts of the front of the polo shirt where it has two parts 1) Inner Placket and the other is 2. Outer Placket. In the placket, buttons are attached.

The button of Polo Shirt

The button is used to close the opening parts of the packet to ensure the proper fit of the clothing. You may find there are two to three buttons on a polo shirt.

Neck Tape of Polo Shirt

Neck tape of a polo shirt is the part that basically attaches to the neck of our body.

The yoke of Polo Shirt

The yoke is put on each side (right and left) of the polo shirt is attached to give a different color look. Basically, the fabric color of a yoke is different than the color or polo shirt. This gives a stylish look for the polo shirt.

Pocket of Polo Shirt

One of the optional parts of a polo shirt is pocket. Most of the polo shirt does not have any pocket. But sometimes designers prefer to put a pocket on it so that the polo shirt gives a different look. And the person who is using this polo shirt can put his pen or any other small object as required. The style of pocket also can be varied and it depends on the user’s perception.

The Sleeve of Polo Shirt

Normally a polo shirt has a short sleeve but manufacturers make long sleeve polo shirt also. The long sleeve polo shirt is preferable for the winter season.

Cuff of Polo Shirt

In a polo shirt, a cuff can be added with different colors and fabric can be narrow fabric so that it can stitch and fit according to the share of muscle.

The body of Polo Shirt

A larger part of a polo shirt is the body part where this part indicates both the front and backside of the polo shirt. On this body part sometimes different types of designs are made by embroidery or printing which can add value to the product and catch the buyer’s interest to buy that polo shirt.

Bottom Hem of Polo Shirt

This is the last part of a polo shirt. Normally fabric is fold and sewing is done on it so that it completes the product and gives a better look.

Different Parts of a Polo Shirt

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