Fashion and Technology: A Growing Trend in Fashion Design

A Growing Trend in Fashion Design

In recent years we have seen a growing trend in fashion design, fashion brands and companies have begun to use innovative technologies to create a different experience for their customers. Technologies including blockchain and virtual reality are being used to enhance the customer experience.

A Growing Trend in Fashion Design

This is most evident in one of fashion’s largest markets – luxury fashion. As a result, the parent company of the brands announced the introduction of a new digital platform as well as a collaboration with Google to develop apps and solutions for LV products.

These trends towards technological innovation in fashion are not only focused on luxury fashion. Fast-fashion companies also utilize technology to stay ahead of their competition, using sizing technology to allow customers to order clothes tailored to their body measurements.

What is meant by the term fashion technology?

You might be wondering what we mean when we say “fashion technology,” so we’ll explain. Fashion tech uses technology to enhance fashion products, services, and audiences.

According to a piece by Fast Company, “Fashion Technology is a blend of the two different worlds – fashion and technology. It connects the latest technology innovations with the creative minds in fashion to create better user experiences and products.”

In other words, fashion technology is the use of technology to create a product or experience that is more relevant and interesting for the customer.

Why are fashion brands suddenly looking towards technology as a way to innovate?

There are a few reasons for this sudden interest in technology to innovate in the fashion industry. Firstly, technology has become more widely available and affordable in recent years. This means that fashion brands can now use technology to create a better product or experience at a lower cost whether you are buying a branded denim or a causal shirt.

Secondly, technology can change and improve the customer experience. This is especially important for the luxury fashion market, where companies are now competing with the internet, which can offer similar products at lower prices. Therefore, luxury fashion brands need to differentiate themselves in other ways, and technology can be a powerful way to do this.

Finally, technology can reach a larger audience than ever before.

What Is Growing Trends In Fashion Design?

Virtual Reality

The use of virtual reality in fashion has been growing in recent years. In a 2017 survey by the Global Fashion Agenda, it was found that 53% of fashion companies are interested in using virtual reality as a way to market their products.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, virtual reality can create an immersive experience for the customer. This is especially important for luxury brands, as they want to create an elevated and exclusive experience for their customers.

Virtual reality can also show the customer how a product will look on them before they purchase it. This is particularly useful for fast-fashion companies, as it allows them to avoid shipping products back and forth that doesn’t fit.

Finally, virtual reality can be used to create educational content about fashion. For example, this can educate customers about the design process or give them a behind-the-scenes look at a fashion brand or company.


In recent years, blockchain technology has been labeled as one of the critical technologies for the future.

Blockchain technology can be used for several different applications for fashion brands and companies. For example, luxury fashion brands may use blockchain to create a transparent supply chain, where transactions are recorded and verified using the ledger.

Blockchain could be used as an alternative to traditional loyalty programs for fast-fashion companies. Customers would instead earn tokens through their purchases that they could then use to purchase products from the company.

Finally, blockchain could be used to create a digital identity for customers. This would allow customers to access their data from any device and help protect their data from being stolen or manipulated.


Sustainability has been a critical focus for the fashion industry in recent years, and this is set to continue in the years ahead.

Many fashion brands are now using innovative technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality to create a more sustainable product or experience. For example, blockchain can create a transparent supply chain, where the entire journey of a product is tracked and verified. This can help eliminate any unethical or unsustainable practices happening further down the supply chain.

In addition, blockchain can also be used to create a more sustainable customer experience. For example, luxury fashion brands may use blockchain to reward customers for purchasing their products to encourage ethical consumption patterns.


The fashion trends in 2021-2022 include distinct and unique accessories like oversized hats, chic bags of all sizes, statement necklaces of various lengths, and more.

Styles like oversized ponchos, one-stop coats, relaxed pants with sneakers are also on the trend list.

Leather jackets that can be worn in three different ways and oversize sweaters paired with high waist jeans or skirts are also on the trend list.

Some other fashion trends you will see shortly are smart garments, which will contain sensors to monitor vital body functions like heartbeats and sleeping patterns; freestanding structures like pods where people can do activities (dancing, yoga, etc.) for exercise; 3-D printed shoes that use recycled ocean waste.

Fashion trends like clothes made to order with the help of technology, machine learning (which uses computers to spot patterns and make predictions based on data); 3D printing; wearable health trackers; connected clothes that provide information about their owners’ well-being; shoes designed to collect energy when they are worn or walked in – these are some of the technologies that are changing the fashion industry as we know it.

Which of these trends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Q-1. How will fashion change in the coming years with the advancement of technology?

A-1. There are many ways that technology is changing the fashion industry. Some of the critical ways include blockchain and virtual reality to create a more sustainable product or experience.

Q-2. What are some of the technology that will be implemented into fashion?

A-2. Some ideas include smart garments with sensors that monitor vital body functions.

Fashion and Technology: A Growing Trend in Fashion Design

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