What Countries Have Legalized Cryptocurrency Trading?

Since Bitcoin’s creation, it has received very little attention. Many individuals assume that cryptocurrency is nothing more than gambling in which people invest to lose money. You never know when you’ll make a profit or when you’ll lose a large sum of money and then regret it afterward. However, there is no denying that everything began with the bitcoin era and that things have evolved dramatically since then in every element of the business-crypto relationship.

What Countries Have Legalized Cryptocurrency Trading?

The tone of bitcoin will set the tone for the future of money. There is no choice but to think that the future of money will shift from a piece of paper to everything digitized sooner or later. When you buy something now, you pull a dollar from your pocket. This will not be the case in the future. You will be asked for coins or tokens, and your payments will be accepted in this fashion.

While you are reading this article, many countries have already set their plans to make cryptocurrency their legal currency. In many countries, cryptocurrency is legalized, and people are buying and selling goods, investing in the crypto market, and contributing to many different cryptocurrencies projects. Trading apps, which you can access when you click here, are also developed so people can monitor their investments and the changes for specific cryptocurrencies.

Since crypto doesn’t exist in any physical form, it is not centralized through any government or central bank. Crypto is built on its own blockchain, which ensures that it is safe and secure. Counties are now proposing to centralize the procedure and allow citizens to conduct crypto-to-fiat exchanges.

Many countries have begun to develop their own crypto under the government’s designed blockchain platform in such circumstances. Several countries, however, had permitted crypto trading prior to that time.

This article will learn about the countries where cryptocurrency can be used to make simple transactions.

Countries That Trade-In Crypto

Many countries believe that cryptocurrency can be used for criminal purposes such as money laundering, drug payments, illegal weapon purchases, etc. However, since that crypto has a decentralized structure, it isn’t easy to trade crypto without being traced. As a result, numerous counties have relaxed the ban on utilizing cryptocurrency for trading.

Until today, November 2021, El Salvador is the only country that has fully recognized cryptocurrency as legal cash.

The United States of America

With cryptocurrency gaining traction, the United States of America has been paying close attention to it since its inception. There’s a good likelihood they’ll legally announce after verifying its use in illicit operations and when the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issues final permission.

Meanwhile, many large corporations, such as Microsoft, Dish Network, and Subway have already started adopting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.


Canada has strict money laundering rules, and the government is solely concerned about using cryptocurrency in that context. However, the Canadian Revenue Agency has positively reflected this, and cryptos are now classified as a commodity (CRA). The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) has also advised registering crypto with them to identify suspicious transactions, retain specific records, and ensure that crypto is used responsibly.


Like Canada, in Finland, cryptocurrency is treated as a commodity, and the Central Board of Taxes has also classed it as a financial service.


Crypto has also been declared VAT-free by Belgium’s Federal Public Service Finance.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, crypto is subject to several tax legislation. However, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is looking forward to making it regulated to be suitable for digital transactions.


The country has included cryptocurrency under its tax laws.


Germany’s government has previously allowed crypto trading, but its taxation is dependent on its use.

El Salvador

El Salvador’s president and Congress adopted a plan in June 2021 to make cryptocurrency trading legal in the country. It is now the only country that has officially accepted cryptocurrencies as a payment mechanism.

What Countries Have Legalized Cryptocurrency Trading?

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