Tips for Wearing Seasonal Underwear

In order to always dress well in any weather, in addition to choosing the right outerwear, women should also pay attention to the “Accessories” inside. The wardrobe of women is often very diverse with different underwear. Let’s take a look at some tips for choosing underwear according to each season. This article will share tips for wearing seasonal underwear on all occasions.

How to Choose Summer Underwear?

To choose summer underwear you may consider the following factors:

Seasonal Underwear

Fabric material

Summer underwear will need to have the criteria of Comfortable, absorbent, cool, and soft. When choosing summer underwear, the preferred fabric is cotton, cold spandex, or bamboo. These fabrics have sweat-wicking, breathable features that will create a feeling of lightness, not being constrained by the weather; hot and humid weather.

What’s more, the fabrics are lightweight, stretchy, and elastic, so you won’t be uncomfortable wearing underwear on a hot summer day.


The second criterion for women to consider when choosing underwear is style. Let’s take a look at some popular bra styles which you would like!

Non-padded bra: Designed with no padding, suitable for women with large breasts or who have just given birth, and are breastfeeding.

Breast cup bra: The cup design is only ½ chest, hugging, creating a fuller bust. For the girl who likes simplicity and comfort. Help breasts “breathe” on summer days.

Push-up bras: Designed to lift and push the bust up, creating a feeling of fullness. Very suitable for wearing shirts, thin T-shirts in the summer.

Besides the above criteria, style is also a factor to help women feel more comfortable in the summer. In the hot summer, give preference to styles without seams, no frames, and thin foam to bring the most comfort.


Color is also something that you should pay attention to because you will not want to stand out in the hot weather, causing objection by the color of the shirt through the outer layer of clothing. Skin color, cream, light blue, and gentle colors will be a smart choice. Do not forget the rule of matching clothes with the same color as underwear to have the most elegant outfit.


Size is a matter of attention because it affects both aesthetics and the health of women. A well-fitting, tight-fitting, elastic bra is better than a bra that’s too tight or wobbly during exercise.

The same goes for underwear, please make sure to measure three rounds so that the staff can advise on the most accurate size. Avoid the case of buying and trying to be tight and “sorry” so continue to wear.

How to Choose Winter Underwear?

Cast cup bra

Molded cup bras would be an ideal choice. Add to your wardrobe this versatile bra that can be paired with any winter outfit.

Strapless bra

If you are a fashionista who often wears woolen off-shoulder tops and skirts during the season, it is definitely indispensable for a strapless shirt in your underwear collection.

Strapless bras can be used in both summer and winter. And often used on special occasions. The shirt is designed with solid support, the chest leg is tight to avoid falling, causing costume problems.

Don’t forget to measure your bust before buying a strapless bra. Because the bra must fit perfectly to your bust and back to keep your figure neat.


Bralette tops are considered comfortable pajamas for girls’ breasts. A bralette will not help you cheat your bust size for sexy dresses, but is very suitable for weekends, to let your breasts relax.

How to Choose Spring Underwear?

Spring is usually the most anticipated season of the year because the weather is extremely pleasant. Not as hot as summer, nor as cold as winter. You can wear more comfortable clothes, which can show off your body’s beauty.

However, to choose underwear and how to wear them to show off your style, not everyone knows.

Chest patch, wireless bra, or U-bra for camisole

For women who choose a two-piece shirt to wear in a blazer – spring’s favorite outfit, the chest patch or U-bra is the priority item. These powerful assistants will help you feel more confident even when taking off your outer shirt without fear of revealing the inner strap. In addition, some bras have push-up features that will increase the charm of the wearer.

Bralette is like a crop-top shirt inside when mixed with a blazer

In recent years, bralette shirts are increasingly popular because of their variety in design but also in use. Don’t miss the spring bralette because it elevates your style up there.

Bra with a high push-up effect when worn with a deep neckline or skirt with a bold cut-out. With a shirt with a deep slit that shows off your chest, you should use a push-up shirt to create a sexy and seductive look for the outfit.

How to Choose Autumn Underwear?

Romantic autumn is an endless source of inspiration for designers to create more separate and unique lingerie models. Let’s take a look at some fall lingerie styles and trends.

Lace lingerie

Lace is considered a symbol of seduction and sensuality of women. Therefore, lace lingerie models are sure to keep the trend in the years to come.

With many soft, unique, and extremely attractive designs, lace lingerie for autumn will be the right choice for women. The rich and diverse pattern lines will always meet the needs of the wearer. Not only in terms of aesthetics for themselves but also extremely attractive to men.

Sports underwear

This is a lingerie model that gives women comfort and safety. In particular, it covers body defects with skinny girls, and ruler shapes.

Sports bras are designed with a V-shape, which helps to support the breasts and prevent sagging.

Horizontal underwear

It can be said that horizontal strapless lingerie is an extremely reasonable choice for a girl with a modest bust. However, girls with breasts who wear a C cup or more, should not choose this type of lingerie. Your breasts will not be shaped and firmly, look very “saggy”.

Strapless bra

Wireless bras are one of the lingerie styles that every girl should own in the fall. However, to choose the right wireless bra, you should pay attention to the framed designs with an elastic back. With this design, the chest area will always be fixed, not displaced.

Bralette-style underwear

Instead of confining yourself to uncomfortable push-ups, you can find comfort in Bralettes. Bralettes are made from gentle, soft high-quality lace fabric with diverse and beautiful patterns. This product has conquered women with its seductive beauty, femininity, and comfortable wearing feeling.

With an underwired, non-padded, non-padded design, Bralettes are bras that accentuate the neck and bust. Whether you are “grapefruit” or “lemon”, this type of lingerie is suitable for all.

How to choose underwear

Classic panties: Combine with pleated skirts, jeans

High-cut panties: Usually worn with leggings, treggings, or tight jeans

Hipster panties: Wear with low-rise jeans

Slit panties: Combine with pencil skirts or tight dresses

Tanga panties: Combine with tights, skirts, and jeans

Underpants or underpants: Wear with lace skirts or skirts

Seamless panties: Wear with Pants, see-through skirts

Tips for Wearing Seasonal Underwear
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