Is it Worth Becoming an Economist: Pros and Cons

The choice of the future profession should be approached with particular seriousness. Future work must bring not only money but also mental satisfaction.

Today, many people aspire to become economists. These professionals are in demand in the market, their work is well-paid. In addition, a graduate of an economics department can work in a variety of fields and occupy both simple, not requiring work experience, and managerial positions. Even though studying can be difficult, students often turn to custom essay writers where they get help. So if you have worries about studying, put them aside.

What an economist does

The main task of an economist is to analyze the current economic situation (in a company, city, region, country, or even in the world). In addition, in one’s s competence – to increase the efficiency of production, and optimization of human resources.

becoming an economist

It is possible to get a job in almost any organization: these specialists are in demand in banks, public institutions (ministries, academies of science, pension funds, tax inspection), educational organizations (some become teachers), research centers, as well as in industry companies:

  • construction;
  • agrarian;
  • oil;
  • production companies of various profiles, etc.

In addition, economists are involved in the hospitality industry, insurance agencies, and start-ups.

Advantages of the profession

Working as an economist has many advantages.

Constant demand 

Once you get a degree in economics, you will never be without a job. Note that many specialized positions are open to candidates without work experience.


The specialty can rightly be called universal because, upon graduation, a young specialist can work in any economic sphere.

High-quality modern education

During their study future economists study different disciplines, significantly expanding their outlook, they learn how international relations and legislation are built, and get acquainted with the basics of business.

Opportunities to start your own business

Economists have all the knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs and start their businesses. During their studies, they learn to make their own decisions and achieve their goals.

High pay

Of course, those whose career is just beginning, receive less than their older colleagues, but specialists in the field of economics have excellent opportunities for career growth.

Interesting versatile work

The specific nature of the work is that it is mostly not engaged in monotonous activities but always works in multitasking mode, as a rule – in a large team.

Disadvantages of the profession

Like any other profession, the profession of an economist has certain disadvantages.

High competition

Due to the high demand and a large number of graduates from specialized universities, employers impose quite high requirements for specialists. Therefore, rank-and-file and novice economists are sometimes forced to work in small companies, which often disappoints them.

High responsibility

An economist cannot make mistakes in calculations, because the future of the entire company depends on him. He must also be accurate in his forecasts, be able to make quick decisions in unforeseen or emergencies, and think flexibly and freshly.

Monotonous Work

Although economists handle different tasks, much of their work is routine, hours-long work with numbers that requires extra attention.

The need for advanced training

A good professional cannot afford to be content with the knowledge acquired in college or university. To become a true professional, you need to constantly develop: take advanced training courses, attend seminars, and lectures, and read a lot.

Personal qualities of economists

An economist is a professional with a special kind of mind, possessing certain skills. It is a person with the following qualities:

  • rational thinker;
  • good at mathematics;
  • stress-resistant and goal-oriented;
  • has a good memory;
  • attentive and diligent;
  • able to take criticism calmly and insist on his/her point of view;
  • communicative
  • speaks one or more foreign languages (English is a must).
Is it Worth Becoming an Economist: Pros and Cons
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