Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Hoodies Manufacturing

SMV of Hoodies Manufacturing

Hoodies with Kangaroo Pocket

Hoodies with Kangaroo Pocket
  • A hoodie cloth is a jacket, sweatshirts with hood. Kangaroo pocket is open on either side usually use in hoodies. Here given all operation list sequence wise of Hoodies Manufacturing. Here hoodies total SMV is 15.99, 59 manpower required. Operation Breakdown is done by LOGIC software. It is a tool to make style breakdown & machine layout report. There is a calculative & non-calculative method for operation breakdown. It helps to make data bank, style SMV analysis, machine layout & operation balancing. A LOGIC database can be easily interlinked with other software or medium, like Fast-react, ERP, etc.
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Hoodies Manufacturing
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Hoodies Manufacturing

Operation Balancing

Garments Item: Hoodies
Style Ref. : V H UGH Patch
Custom Style :
Buyer Name :
Working Hour : 1
Target : 71
Efficiency : 32
Fabric Type : Fleece , 350 gsm
Line No. :
Allocated MP : 59
Pitch Time : 27
Insert Date Time:
Insert By :
Update Date Time:
Update By :
Remarks : P.Q.-5000 PCs

Operation Bulletin Sheet

Seq. NoBody PartOperationResourceSMVTarget (100%)EfficiencyCycle Time(s)Layout MP
1HoodHood upper two part attach4T OL Auto0.32000181
2HoodHood upper topstitch2NDL FL0.28214016.81
3HoodHood liner two part join4T OL Auto0.32000181
4HoodHood upper n liner two part join4T OL Auto0.33182019.81
5HoodBluffstitch hood join seam1NDL FL0.41500242
6HoodHood mark n make holeSnap0.28214016.81
7HoodEyelets attach at hoodSnap BA0.351710211
8HoodHood channel make1NDL FL0.42143025.22
9HoodHood middle tackSNL Auto0.18333010.81
10HoodHood lower edge closeSNL[Chain STS]0.32000181
11HoodHood crotch tackSNL Auto0.24250014.41
12PocketingPocket position markAssistant Operator0.24250014.41
13PocketingPocket hem kangaroo pocket2NDL FL0.351710211
14PocketPocket edge pressSewing Iron0.41500241
15PocketingPocket attach and edge close-[Kangaroo]SNL Auto0.85710513
16PocketingPocket excess raw-edge cutAssistant Operator0.32000181
17PocketingPocket opening secure X4BT0.41500242
18AssemblyFront n back part matchAssistant Operator0.28214016.81
19AssemblyShoulder Join with/ without tape4T OL Auto0.351710211
20SleeveSleeve n body matchAssistant Operator0.351710211
21SleeveInsert Sleeves in hoodies4T OL Auto0.56107033.62
22SleeveArmholes topstitch2NDL FL0.51200302
23LabelCare label makeSNL Auto0.24250014.41
24LabelFlag label tack at sideSNL Auto0.26231015.6 
25AssemblySide seams ins care label4T OL Auto0.8750483
26CuffCuff join as a circleX2SNL Auto0.28214016.81
27CuffCuff fold into halfAssistant Operator0.24250014.41
28CuffCuffs attach at sleeve opening4T OL Auto0.51200302
29HoodHood n body match n markAssistant Operator0.32000181
30AssemblyHood tack at neckSNL Auto0.24250014.41
31HoodHood attach to body4T OL Auto0.351710211
32AssemblyFront neck topstitch2NDL FL0.32000181
33NeckTape attach at back neckSNL Auto0.351710211
34NeckBack neck top stitchSNL Auto0.451330272
35LabelLabel makeSNL Auto0.24250014.41
36LabelAttach main label at back neckSNL Auto0.32000181
37AssemblyBottom band join as circleSNDL Edg, Cutter0.24250014.41
38AssemblyBottom band edges close and markSNL[Chain STS]0.451330272
39AssemblyBottom band attach to body4T OL Auto0.47128028.22
40AssemblySticker remove and GMTs turnAssistant Operator0.26231015.61
41CuffCuffs topstitch [circular]2NDL FL0.451330272
42AssemblyBottom band topstitch2NDL FL0.451330272
43NeckTie insert at hood chennelAssistant Operator0.28214016.81
44HoodSecure tie at c/frt hoodBT0.18333010.81
45AssemblyThreads trimAssistant Operator0.41500241

SMV Summary of Hoodies Manufacturing

Sewing Helper3.05
Sewing Machine12.94
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Man Power Summary of Hoodies

Sewing Helper10
Sewing Machine49
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Machine Summary of Hoodies

4T OL Auto14
Snap BA1
SNL Auto13
SNL[Chain STS]3
SNDL Edg Cutter1
Operation Balancing Graph of Hoodies Manufacturing

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Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Hoodies Manufacturing

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