Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Jogger Manufacturing

Jogger with Welt Pocket and Panel

A jogger is a casual bottom item; Welt pocket is an inside pocket with bone covered in the mouth. Here given all operation list sequence wise of jogger manufacturing. Here jogger total SMV is 19.61 and manpower requirement is 72.
This Operation Breakdown is done by LOGIC ERP software, used to prepare operation bulletin & m/c layout & others departmental jobs as well.  There is a data bank, style SMV analysis, machine layout & operation balancing. This LOGIC ERP database can be linked with other software & web for different uses. 

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Jogger Manufacturing Process

Operation Balancing Sheet of Jogging Pant
Seq. NoBody PartOperationResourceSMVTarget (100%)Cycle Time(s)Theoretical MPLayout MP
1Front PartFront leg panel attach4T OL Auto1.444286.45.335
2NeckMatch n Back panel attach4T OL Auto1.444286.45.335
3Front PartFront Rise join4T OL Auto0.3200181.111
4Back PartBack rise join4T OL Auto0.3200181.111
5PocketingPocket position markAssistant Operator0.3218819.21.191
6PocketingPress welt with fusing paper n markSewing Iron0.4812528.81.782
7PocketingPocket welts attachSNL Auto0.5610733.62.072
8PocketingPocket liner attach behind weltSNL Auto0.5610733.62.072
9PocketingCut pocket mouth n form fishtailAssistant Operator0.786422.592
10PocketingWelt edge neaten4T OL Auto0.5120301.852
11PocketingSecure fishtailsSNL Auto0.728343.22.672.25
12PocketingTopstitch pocket welts with cornerSNL Auto0.847150.43.112.75
13PocketingPocket bag attach4T OL Auto0.6100362.222
14PocketingSecure pocket bags OL seamSNL Auto0.4150241.481.5
15PocketingPocket bag tack at side n waistSNL Auto0.4812528.81.782
16AssemblyFront n back part sticker matchAssistant Operator0.2821416.81.041
17AssemblySide mark n tackSNL Auto0.5610733.62.072
18AssemblySideseam join4T OL Auto0.767945.62.813
19AssemblyInseam join4T OL Auto0.649438.42.372
20AssemblySecure crotch pointBT0.1833310.80.671
21AssemblyElastic press and cut to lengthSewing Iron0.2300120.741
22AssemblyElastic join as a circle n markDNL Lock Switch Auto0.3200181.111
23Waist BeltWaist band join as circleSNDL Edg Cutter0.2623115.60.961
24Waist BeltMark n fusing attachSewing Iron0.2821416.81.041
25Waist BeltMark n form holes at waist bandBH Auto0.35171211.31
26Waist BeltElastic tack at waistbeltSNL Auto0.4812528.81.782
27Waist BeltWaist band topstitch form channelKNS0.5120301.852
28Waist BeltWB lower edge close n markSNL[Chain STS]0.45133271.672
29Waist BeltAttach waist band to body4T OL Auto0.4812528.81.782
30AssemblyCare label makeSNL Auto0.2425014.40.891
31AssemblyLabel attach at back waistSNL Auto0.4150241.481.5
32AssemblyLoop measure cut n attach at inside waistSNL Auto0.2821416.81.041
33CuffCuff join as a circleX2SNL Auto0.2821416.81.041
34CuffCuff fold into halfAssistant Operator0.2425014.40.891
35CuffCuff attach at leg opening4T OL Auto0.5120301.852
36AssemblySticker remove n GMTs turnAssistant Operator0.2623115.60.961
37Waist BeltWaist band topstitch1NDL FL0.4613027.61.72
38PocketingSecure Pocket cornersBT0.4812528.81.782
39AssemblyDrawstring insert through the waist channelAssistant Operator0.3200181.111
40Waist BeltSecure tie at CB waist bandBT0.1833310.80.671
41AssemblyDrawstring end knot makeAssistant Operator0.2821416.81.041
42AssemblyThread trimAssistant Operator0.35171211.31
 – – –Total19.6 – –72.6372
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Jogger Manufacturing Process

SMV Summary of Jogger

Sewing Helper3.69
Sewing Machine15.92
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Man Power Summary of Jogger

Sewing Helper13
Sewing Machine59
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Machine Summary of Jogger

4T OL Auto25
SNL Auto21
DNL Lock Switch Auto1
SNDL Edg Cutter1
BH Auto1
SNL[Chain STS]2
Balancing Graph of Jogger Manufacturing
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Jogger Manufacturing

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