Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Blazer Manufacturing

A blazer is a type of jacked which is preferable by both male and female as a formal dress. Here in this article, you will have an idea of operation breakdown, SMV and layout of blazer manufacturing. As a garments (blazer) manufacturer you must know this. The total SMV is 21.85, Manpower requirement is 79 and the number of machines is 55.

Blazer Manufacturing

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Blazer Manufacturing

  • Working Hour: 1
  • Efficiency: 30
  • Pitch Time: .28
  • Target: 65
Seq. NoBody PartOperationResourceSMVTarget (100%)Layout MP
1PocketingPocket position markAssistant Operator0.481252
2PocketingFusing attach at pocket edgeSewing Iron0.203001
3PocketingPocket edge neaten3T OL Auto0.321881
4PocketingPocket hem1NDL FL0.381581
5PocketingPre Iron pocket edgesSewing Iron0.80753
6PocketingPocket attach X2SNL Auto1.50404
7PocketingPocket extra rawedge cutAssistant Operator0.601002
8AssemblyFront n back part matchAssistant Operator0.282141
9AssemblyShoulder Join with/ without tape4T OL Auto0.302001
10SleeveSleeve pannel attach4T OL Auto0.521152
11SleeveSleeve n Body matchAssistant Operator0.351711
12SleeveInsert Sleeves4T OL Auto0.561072
13SleeveFusing attach at sleeves openingSewing Iron0.203001
14SleeveSleeve edge neaten3T OL Auto0.361671
15SleeveSleeve hems- Flat1NDL FL0.401502
16SleeveSleeve hems Inner tackSNL Auto0.361671
17LabelCare Label MakeSNL Auto0.242501
18AssemblySide/sleeve seams ins care label- LS4T OL Auto0.80753
19AssemblyFusing attach at bottom n front opening,necklineSewing Iron0.601002
20AssemblyBottom edge neaten3T OL Auto0.401502
21AssemblyBottom hem1NDL FL0.451332
22CollarFusing attach at collar/collar standSewing Iron0.203001
23CollarCollar make4T OL Auto0.351711
24CollarBluffstitch collarSNL Auto0.351711
25FacingFusing attach at facingFusing M/C0.282141
26FacingFacing edge neaten5T OL0.451332
27FacingFacing edge secure4T OL Auto0.203001
28FacingFacing attach at front part4T OL Auto0.601002
29AssemblyFacing n body markAssistant Operator0.321881
30FacingBluffstitch facing join seamSNL Auto1.20504
31AssemblyFacing tack to bodySNL Auto0.302001
32CollarCollar markAssistant Operator0.203001
33CollarCollar stand edge close/ rolling stitchSNL Auto0.321881
34AssemblyBody markAssistant Operator0.222731
35CollarCollar tack at neckSNL Auto0.282141
36CollarCollar attach at neckSNL Auto0.451332
Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Blazer Manufacturing

SMV Summary of Blazer Manufacturing

Sewing Helper6.08
Sewing Machine15.77
Sewing QI0.00
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0.00
Poly Helper0.00
Hand Tag0.00

Man Power Summary of Blazer Manufacturing

Sewing Helper24
Sewing Machine55
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Machine Summary of Blazer Manufacturing

3T OL Auto4
SNL Auto27
4T OL Auto13
Fusing M/C1
5T OL2
BH Auto2
BA Auto1

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Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Blazer Manufacturing

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