Operation breakdown, SMV and layout of Shirt Manufacturing

The shirt is one of the commonly worn dress all over the world. For a target level of garments manufacturing, you need to identify the operation breakdown, manpower requirement, and machine requirement. So that you can do proper production planning. Here in this article, we will share Operation breakdown, SMV and layout of Shirt Manufacturing where Total SMV is 33.84, manpower requirement is 100 and the total machine required 81 unit.

Measurement Sheet of Shirt Manufacturing

Operation breakdown, SMV and layout of Shirt Manufacturing

  • Working Hour: 1
  • Efficiency: 28
  • Pitch Time: .31
  • Target: 55
Seq. NoBody PartOperationResourceSMVTarget (100%)Cycle Time(s)Layout MP
1PlacketFusing attach at front placketAssistant Operator0.4214325.201
2PlacketFront placket mark n pressSewing Iron0.758045.002
3PlacketPlacket make upperSNL Auto0.5411132.402
4PlacketPlacket make LowerSNL Auto0.5411132.402
5PlacketUpper placket 1/4 top- stitchSNL Auto0.4812528.802
6PlacketDeco. Placket pressSewing Iron0.3815822.801
7AssemblyFront n back part matchAssistant Operator0.2821416.801
8AssemblyShoulder join with/ without tape4T OL Auto0.3020018.001
9AssemblyShoulder topstitch1NDL FL0.2821416.801
10CollarFusing attach at collar/collar standSewing Iron0.4214325.202
11CollarCollar markAssistant Operator0.2030012.001
12CollarCollar makeSNL-VT0.837249.803
13CollarCorner cut n turn collarAssistant Operator0.3020018.001
14CollarCollar 1/4 topstitchSNL Auto0.5810334.802
15CollarCollar edge close n cutSNL-VT0.2821416.801
16CollarCollar band rollingSNL Auto0.3815822.801
17CollarMark n arrange match collar with bandAssistant Operator0.3517121.001
18CollarCollar attach with collar band sandwich stitchSNL-VT1.085664.803
19CollarCollar band turn n press with necessary scissoringSewing Iron0.3517121.001
20CollarCollar n neck markSNL Auto0.3218819.201
21CollarAttach collar to bodySNL Auto0.659239.002
22CollarCollar closeSNL Auto0.758045.002
23CollarCollar band topstitchSNL Auto0.5610733.602
24SleeveSleeve side seam4T OL Auto0.5510933.002
25SleeveSleeve side seam topstitch2T FL Auto0.629737.202
26AssemblySide seam join4T OL Auto0.5510933.002
27LabelCare Label makeSNL Auto0.2425014.401
28LabelCare label tack at sideSNL Auto0.2623115.601
29SleeveSleeve & Body sticker match & Sleeve tackSNL Auto0.5610733.602
30SleeveSleeve attach round4T OL Auto1.006060.003
31Back PartBottom hem edge rollingSNL Auto0.758045.002
32PlacketSleeve mark for placketAssistant Operator0.4413626.402
33SleeveSleeve cut for placketAssistant Operator0.4015024.001
34SleeveSleeve lower placket binding n trimsFlat Bed0.4114624.602
35PlacketSecure placket baseSNL Auto0.3020018.001
36PlacketSleeve upper placket fusing attach n half foldSewing Iron0.4214325.202
37PlacketUpper placket attach n 1/16 topstitchSNL Auto1.006060.003
38PlacketSleeve upper placket closeSNL Auto0.807548.003
39PlacketUpper placket 1/16 topstitchSNL Auto0.5610733.602
40PlacketSleeve placket fishtail secureSNL Auto0.728343.202
41PlacketSleeve placket box makeSNL Auto1.085664.803
42PlacketPleat make with mark at sleeve openingSNL Auto0.649438.402
43CuffFusing attach at cuffAssistant Operator0.2821416.801
44CuffCuff rollingSNL Auto0.4513327.002
45CuffCuff mark n makeSNL Auto0.956357.003
46CuffCuff turn n press with necessary scissoringSewing Iron0.4015024.001
47CuffCuff mark n match arrange with bodyAssistant Operator0.4015024.001
48AssemblyCuff attach at sleeve openingSNL Auto0.837249.803
49CuffCuff closeSNL Auto0.966357.603
50CuffCuff top-stitchSNL Auto0.758045.002
51AssemblySticker remove and GMTs turnAssistant Operator0.2623115.601
52AssemblyButton hole position markAssistant Operator0.787746.802
53PlacketButton hole make at Sleeve placket X4BH Auto0.5411132.402
54PlacketButton hole make at front placket X9BH Auto1.264875.603
55AssemblyButton position markAssistant Operator0.986158.803
56PlacketButton attach at placket X9 + Spare X1BA Auto1.205072.003
57SleeveButton attach at sleeve placket X4BH Auto0.4812528.802
58AssemblyButton closeAssistant Operator0.5510933.002
59AssemblyThread trimsAssistant Operator0.4513327.002
Operation breakdown, SMV and layout of Shirt Manufacturing

SMV Summary of Shirt Manufacturing

Sewing Helper8.81
Sewing Machine25.03
Sewing QI0.00
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0.00
Poly Helper0.00
Hand Tag0.00

Man Power Summary of Shirt Manufacturing

Sewing Helper29
Sewing Machine81
Sewing QI0
Finishing I/M0.00
Finishing QI0
Poly Helper0
Hand Tag0

Machine Summary of Shirt Manufacturing

SNL Auto51
4T OL Auto8
2T FL Auto2
Flat Bed2
BH Auto7
BA Auto3

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Operation breakdown, SMV and layout of Shirt Manufacturing

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