Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Chino Pant Manufacturing

Chino Pants is one of the commonly worn cloth preferable by both male and female as a casual dress which is made from 100% cotton. Trouser is a well-known product which is a chino pant. Here in this article, you will have a detailed idea of operation breakdown, SMV, and layout of chino pant manufacturing. For chino pants total SMV is 36.86 and the number of operator and helper requirements is 92.

Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Chino Pant Manufacturing

Chino Pant manufacturing

Operation Breakdown Sheet of Chino Pant

1Match & join back rise4TH/OL0.361
2Mark for back dartMNL0.240.241
3Make back dart & top edges tackSNLS0.661
4Welt pocket position markMNL0.440.441
5Fusing attach & half fold pocket welts n markIRON0.401
6Attach pocket welts & bagSNLS1.102
7Cut to form pocket fishtailsMNL0.700.701
8Attach pocket linerSNLS0.551
9Secure fishtailsSNLS0.641
10Neaten pocket welt4TH/OL0.321
11Topstitch pocket weltsSNLS0.521
12Pocket bag close4TH/OL0.681
13Secure pocket bag cornersSNLS0.801
14Pocket topstitch with cornerSNLS0.802
15Secure welt corner×4B/T0.401
16Patch label position markMNL0.180.181
17Attach patch labelSNLS0.401
18Piping cut [Full body]PC0.361
19Mark for front pleatMNL0.240.241
20Make front pleatSNLS0.361
21Fussing attach pocket facing & Cap edgesIRON0.521
22Pocket facing attach at both side & edges closeSNLS1.502
23Mark n Pocket liner attach to positionSNLS0.701
24Pocket corner snip & turnMNL0.400.401
25Pocket opening 1/16 topstitchSNLS0.501
26Turn n Pocket opening 1/4 topstitch with cornerSNLS0.681
27Pocket bag fold & close4TH/OL0.451
28Secure pocket bag OL seamSNLS0.241
29Pocket bag close to sideSNLS0.451
30Pocket bag staystitch to waistSNCS0.301
31Fusing attach at fly & fly boxIRON0.241
32Fly box serging3TH O/L0.201
33Make double flySNLS0.401
34Fly turn & pressIRON0.261
35Fron pannel rise serging4TH/OL0.251
36Attach Single fly to frontSNLS0.331
37Bluffstitch Single fly joinSNLS0.301
38Zipper puller secure tackSNLS0.161
39Attach zipper to single fly with zipper markSNLS0.361
40Zipper join topstitchSNLS0.301
41Front pannel matchMNL0.260.261
42Zipper attach to front with markSNLS0.361
43Zipper attach topstitchSNLS0.321
44Double fly attach to frontSNLS0.351
45Front crotch attachSNLS0.261
46Front rise join4TH/OL0.261
47Piping attach at single fly & cut1FL/BIN0.251
48Fly secure at waist & piping secure at crotchSNLS0.361
49Sew ‘J’ stitch by mark/patternSNLS0.351
50Fly secure mark n tackSNLS0.241
51Front n back part match & side markMNL0.560.561
52Piping make & cutSNLS0.361
53Piping attach at front & back side togetherSNLS0.852
54Side seam join4TH/OL0.701
55Inseam join4TH/OL0.701
56Crotch point secureB/T0.161
57Fusing attach at waist bandIRON0.341
58Innerside WB piping attach & cut1FL/BIN0.401
59Waistband fold & pressIRON0.351
60Fusing attach at waist loop with folderIRON0.251
61Loop make & turn1FL/BIN0.401
62Loop press & cut to lengthIRON0.401
63Loop position mark at waist & arrangeMNL0.450.451
64Loop tack to body (5X2)SNLS1.002
65Waist belt edge tack to bodySNLS0.301
66Waist band attachSNLS0.752
67Waist band mouth mark & excess cutMNL0.320.321
68Waist band mouth close & turnSNLS0.651
69Label position markMNL0.160.161
70Label makeSNLS0.161
71Label attach at waistSNLS0.401
72WB bind edge tack to inside & close edgeSNLS0.401
73Waist band closeSNLS0.752
74Sticker remove & gmts turnMNL0.260.261
75Waist band mark & button attach X1 +1 spareB/A0.301
76Mark n form button hole X1B/H0.201
77Mark for loop high-low positionMNL0.400.401
78Loop top edge tack to WB X5SNLS0.601
79Secure loop top & bottomB/T1.002
80Pocket opening secureB/T0.401
81J stitch secureB/T0.161
82Legs hem2FL/ CY0.531
83Final thred trimming & button & ZIP closeMNL0.500.502

Number of Operator and Helper Requirement

CodeMachine nameQuantity
SNLSSingle Needle Lock Stitch46
SNCSSingle Needle Chain Stitch1
3TH O/L3 Thread Over Lock1
4TH/OL4 Thread Over Lock8
2FL/ CY2 Needle Flat lock Cylinder Bed1
1FL/BIN1 Needle Flat lock Binding Machine3
B/AButton Attach1
B/HButton Hole1
B/TBar Tack6
IRONIron With Table8
MNLManual (Helper)15
PCPiping Cut1
Total Operator and Helper92

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Operation Breakdown, SMV and Layout of Chino Pant Manufacturing

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