Merchandiser Job Description

Merchandiser plays a very important role in getting and keeping key customers for the company through communicating and delivering the service as required. As merchandisers are responsible for contact with clients (local or international) and make contact on behalf of the company he/she working for. So you should properly know about the simple job description of a merchandiser. Basically, a merchandiser works as a media among buyers and sellers.

Merchandiser Job Description

The simple job description of the merchandiser contains all probable list of responsibilities a merchandiser needs to be done when working as a merchandiser for a particular company. Although the core responsibility of merchandiser is common for all level of merchandising but the job description can be different for different types (retail merchandiser, visual merchandising and fashion merchandiser) of merchandiser or different level (trainee merchandiser, junior merchandiser, assistant merchandiser, merchandiser, and senior merchandiser) of merchandise.

Core Responsibilities of Merchandiser

Under the core responsibilities, all major merchandising tasks must need to perform by the merchandiser assigned by the organization. Adequate knowledge and experience may be required to do these tasks.

A merchandiser is responsible for the following tasks

  1. Ensure timely and regular contact with the clients as required
  2. Visiting suppliers/ manufacturers factory or business area to monitor the production quality according to the specification.
  3. Calculating the consumption of different apparel items (shirts, pants, trousers, or any others). This to be done perfectly within a stipulated time.
  4. Estimating the cost of different consumption items so that on the basis of actual costing information contracts can be made.
  5. Negotiate with the customer to fix the selling price of the goods.

Additional Responsibilities of Merchandiser

In addition to the core responsibilities, the merchandiser may need to do the additional task assigned by the superior or respective supervisor under whom he/she is working for.

  • Involve in planning and marketing activities if required by the selling and marketing department.
  • Prepare reports daily, weekly and monthly basis to show the prospects of sales volume.
  • Make a list of potential customers and try to build a good customer relationship with them.
  • Involve in sales promotional activities so that sales can increase.
  • Ensure good sales figures.

Not necessarily the job description of merchandiser limited to all these above-mentioned things, it may contain many other things that are considered important by the human resource manager.

Merchandiser Job Description

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