List of Project Management Acronyms

The success of a project depends on the management of a project. Managing a project is not an easy task, most of the time it’s a challenging job for the related parties. At the time of working with a project of government/ public or private, you may find acronyms and abbreviations of different key points that are very much confusing in nature. To reduce your confusion I have tried to combine commonly used and make a list of project management acronyms. Hope this will be helpful for the students of finance who have an interest in project management and any other parties related to a project (public or private).

List of Abbreviations Used in Project Management

List of Project Management AcronymsList of Project Management Acronyms

  • ADB- Asian Development Bank
  • AM- Aide Memoire (A document after reviewing of a Project at any stage)
  • BB- Bangladesh Bank
  • BOO- Build Own Operate
  • BOT- Build Own Transfer
  • BOOT- Build Own Operate and Transfer
  • CFS- Combined Financial Statement
  • CONTASA- Convertible Taka Special Account
  • CSR- Combined Status Report
  • CD VAT- Customs Duty and Value Added Tax
  • CPM- Critical Point Method
  • CPA- Critical Path Analysis
  • CFS- Cash Flow Statement
  • CDR- Combined Delivery Report (For UN Project)
  • CAO- Chief Accounts Officer
  • DFID- Department for International Development
  • DP- Development Partner
  • DCA- Development Credit Agreement
  • DOSA- Dollar Special Account
  • DPA- Direct Project Aid
  • DPP- Development Project Proposal
  • ERD- Economic Relations Division
  • ECNEC- Executive Council for National Economic Council
  • FO- Field Office
  • FS- Financial Statement
  • FD- Finance Division
  • FP- Functions Point
  • GOB- Government of Bangladesh
  • GO- Government Order
  • GDR- Government Delivery Report (For UN Project)
  • HPNSDP- Health Population Nutrition Sector Development Project
  • IMED- Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  • IRR- Internal Rate of Return
  • IT- Income Tax
  • IDB- Islamic Development Bank
  • IDA- International Development Agency
  • IDA- International Development Association
  • IIFC- Infrastructure Investment Facilitation Center
  • IMF- International Monetary Fund
  • IPFF- Investment Promotion and Financing Facility
  • JICA- Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • JVCA- Joint Venture Consortia Alliance
  • MB- Management Book
  • NPV- Net Present Value
  • NBR- National Board of Revenue
  • NEC- National Economic Council
  • PP- Project Proposal
  • PT- Project Termination
  • PCR- Project Completion Report
  • PA- Project Aid
  • PPA- Pre-financed Project Aid
  • PPR- Public Procurement Rule
  • PPP- Public-Private Partnership
  • PC- Planning Commission
  • PBP- Pay Back Period
  • PEC- Project Evaluation Committee
  • PPT- Project Planning Tool
  • PERT- Programme Evaluation and Review Technique
  • PHQ- Project Head Quarters
  • PLC- Project Life Cycle
  • PPR- Public Procurement Rule
  • PPA- Public Procurement Act
  • PSC- Project Steering Committee
  • PD- Project Director
  • PM- Project Manager
  • PM- Project Management
  • PMO- Project Management Office
  • Pro Doc- Project Document (For UN-supported projects)
  • PER- Project Evaluation Report
  • PPM- Project Portfolio Management
  • PSIG- Private Sector Infrastructure Guidelines
  • PAO- Principal Accounting Officer
  • PRDP- Participatory Rural Development Project
  • RPA- Reimbursable Project Aid
  • SAFE- Special Account in Foreign Exchange
  • SEIP- Skills for Employment Investment Program
  • SOP- Standard Operating Process
  • SOE- Statement of Expenditure
  • SPV- Special Purpose Vehicles
  • TPP- Technical Assistance Project Proposal
  • USAID- United States Agency for International Development
  • WA- Withdrawal Application
  • WB- World Bank

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List of Project Management Acronyms

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