Classification of Desizing

Classification of Desizing


Desizing is the first chemical process in the wet process. Desizing is the term usually restricted to the process of removal of starch (of the size) from the cloth. De-sizing processes can be controlled by desizing process can be controlled by desizing liquor shorter time process. There are several methods for desizing and these can be classified as follows-

classification of desizing
Classification of Desizing

Objectives of Desizing

From the definition of desizing you know that it is a chemical process in wet processing. For this importance, there are several objectives of desizing that can be identified. These are:

  1. To remove starch from fabric desizing is done.
  2. To improve the absorbing capacity of the fabric.
  3. To make ready for the next process scouring, bleaching, etc.
  4. To improve absorbing attain of chemicals.
  5. Increase the luster of dyeing and printing.
Classification of Desizing

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