Classification and Objectives of Scouring

Classification and Objectives of Scouring

In this article you will find the classification and objectives of scouring with details.

Scouring: Desized textile materials till containing oil, fats, and waxes which are removed by alkali or detergent are called scouring.

Classification and Objects of ScouringObjectives of Scouring

  1. To remove natural and added oils, fat and wax are from the textile materials.
  2. Improve hydrophilicity.
  3. Improve absorbency.
  4. Prepare for the next process.
  5. To get uniform bleaching result.

Flow Chart of Scouring

Flow chart of scouring

Flow Chart of Scouring

Classification of Scouring Process

There are two types of scouring process-

  • Hand Scouring
  • Machine Scouring

Hand Scouring

In this process, the fabric is boiled in an open trough with NaOH common soda and t.r oil for after a few hours. But be careful so that fabric does not come in contact with air otherwise fabric strength can be reduced. After that wash with cold water sour with dilute HCl to remove alkali from the fabric.

Machine Scouring

Now a day’s various types of machines are available for scouring with alkali. This alkali treatment can be divided into three categories.

  • Lime acid soda process.
  • Caustic soda process.
  • Soap soda process.

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Classification and Objectives of Scouring

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